Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ekalavyas - July-August 2015

[15/07 08:34] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: On this day in 2006, Twitter was launched..
[15/07 08:34] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today is the bday of MT Vasudevan Nair
[15/07 09:43] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Answer...kadachakka
[15/07 09:44] Hp anusha. durga: Answer?
[15/07 09:45] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Kadachakka
[15/07 09:45] Hp anusha. durga: Is it a puzzle 😳
[15/07 09:45] Hp anusha. durga: for wat?
[15/07 09:46] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Bread fruit....
[15/07 09:47] Hp anusha. durga: Bread fruit?
[15/07 09:53] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: 

  Family: Moraceae (Mulberry family)
Genus: Artocarpus
Botanical name: Artocarpus altilis
Sanskrit: Kshudrapanasa
English: Bread fruit
[15/07 10:11] Qatar manoj. tvm: RDBurman.   Zoom it. 
Except for a few musical signs used for western musical notes there isn't a single pen stroke other than drawings of various musical instruments.  Even the retina inside eyes are tablas.  No denying that a tremendous thought process has gone into the creative art.  Master piece.  Hats off to the artist.
[15/07 11:25] UaE ajman. sabitha: Any idea who is this speaker?
[15/07 12:52] Il. dias. Alapy. shobha: Mahatria Ra.(T.T.Rangarajan or Rajan) -motivational speaker from Chennai
[15/07 14:26] UaE ajman. sabitha: Thanq sobhaji
[15/07 14:52] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 😄 . lucky students. Their smiles reveals their happiness.
[15/07 15:38] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[15/07 15:39] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Thank u sobhaji
[15/07 18:33] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
●Kumbha Mela begins in Nashik.
Kumbha Mela - The mega religious  congregation,  which will take place over two months this time,  is held every 12 years in Nashik of the bank of Godavari began on Tuesday.
●After refit,  Vikramaditya ready to join Navy.
Vikramaditya,  acquired from Russia for $2.3 billion, was commissioned into the navy in November 2013 without the crucial air defence system. They are now begins installed during the "guaranteed refit", in addition to the scheduled maintenance,  by the original equipment manufacturer.
●India welcomes Iran deal,  wary of implications.
India "welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue", between Iran and the Europe 3+3 (US, Russia and China), and the UN atomic energy agency IA.
I PL GO to meet on July 19.
The IPL Governing Council will meet at the Cricket Center in Mumbai on July 19 to consider the Justice Lodha Committee report.
Thank you
By sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆.
[15/07 18:34] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: *IPL GC.
[15/07 18:37] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: *IAEA.
sorry for the typing mistakes
[15/07 23:41] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1783, Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, great Indian Merchant, Industrialist and philanthrophist, was born in Bombay. He aided famine relief, financed public works like wells, roads, causeways and bridges; founded dispensaries and hospitals; established educational institutions and scholarship funds; etc. He was the receipent of a Knighthood and many medals.
[15/07 23:42] Hp anusha. durga: On thi date in 1955, Bharat Ratna, India's highest award, was announced to be given to Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) by the President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad
[16/07 10:54] Qatar manoj. tvm: It is abt pandhatpur yatra in maharashtra. People walk from far away places barefoot to reach pandharpur temple of lord vitthal rukhmai on the auspicious occasion of ashadhi ekadashi. These people in groups are called varkari. At diff places people offer food n shelter for the vaari.
[16/07 11:43] UaE ajman. sabitha: Very informative... Thnx. It's wonderful to read n learn fm
U all. Hv a grt day friends!
[16/07 11:46] UaE ajman. sabitha: Fwding a fwd... Don know the source or authenticity .
[16/07 11:46] UaE ajman. sabitha: WIKI LEAKS Published 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank...... The Top Most 24 members are.....(money is in CRORES)
1 - Sonia Gandhi (568000)
2 - A Raja(7800)
3 - Rahul Gandhi (158000)
4 - Sharad Pawar (82000)
5 - P. Chidambaram (15040)
6 - Digvijay Singh (28900)
7 -  Ahmed Patel (9000)
8 - Jay Lalita (15000)
9 -  Harish Rawat (75000)
10 - Kapil Sibbal (28000)
11 - Suresh Kalmadi (5900)
12 - Ashok Gahlot (220000)
13 - Ashok Chavhan (76888)
14- Shyam kampli (582114)
15- Rajeev Gandhi(19800)
16- Harshad Mehta(135800)
17- Ketan Parekh(8200)
18- HD Kumarswamy(14500)
19- Lalu Prasad Yadav(28900)
20 - J M Scindia(9000)
21- Kalanidi Maran(15000)
22- Karunanidi(35000)
23- Suresh Kalmadi(5900)
24- Raj foundation(189008)
pls fwd this msg by post on your wall.....pls support the movement against Corruption
Fwdd msg please 
Undigestible news:  Indians black money in Swiss bank is Rs. 358,679,863,300,000 (estimated to be 1.3 trillion dollars) this money belongs to 2000 indians who have kept there to evade from tax, This money is enough for our india to become 10 america and become one of the most powerful developed country in the world for next  100 yrs...
[16/07 15:19] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813    -  Renuka                  Goodmorning   Sir  &    my  friends.
[16/07 17:16] Qatar manoj. tvm: Beautiful explanation by Swami Vivekananda
Explaining the Meaning of 'Association'. He said:
"The rain drop from the sky, if it is caught in hands is pure enough for drinking. If it falls in gutter, it's value drops so much that it can't be used for washing the feet. If it falls on hot surface, it perishes. If it falls on lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl and finally, if it falls on oyster, it becomes a pearl. The drop is same, but it's existence & worth depends on with whom it associates."
[16/07 21:34] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: Identify the places in kerala🌴🌴
5. 🐶-🌳🌳
-------------AV puzzles----
Get atleast 1 correct answers..
Try this
[16/07 21:35] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: 13 kannur
[16/07 21:36] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: 6 Vyppin
[16/07 21:36] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: 3 Adoor
[16/07 21:36] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: 14 Palakkad
[16/07 21:38] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: 20 munnar
[16/07 21:39] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: 12 thalassery
[16/07 22:10] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Full of enjoyment.learning how  learn and play .
Thank you anushamolu for the pictures.
[16/07 22:39] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
States want  freedom to frame their own land acquisition laws.
It was a government in retreat on Wednesday,  as the Centre agreed to consider a demand from the states that they be allowed the flexibility to frame their own laws for land acquisition or continue to look for a consensus on the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition,  Rehabilitation and resettlement (Ammendment ) Second Ordinance,  2015.
China eyes Silk Road project with Iran
Buoyed by the historic nuclear deal reached between world powers and Iran,  China is eyeing big opening for trade and the ambitious Silk Road with IR as the economic sanctions are set to go. 
India seeks a Works Group - play off berth .
In less than 24 hours , India will be up against New Zealand in Christchurch in the Davis Cup Group I Asia/ Oceania second round clash .
New word - ballyhoo- a loud noise or fuss.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[16/07 22:40] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Sorry not able to put more news brief. I have to go for dance practice as I have a programme for Eid. Just got a break right now.
[16/07 23:04] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sreelakshmi good job
[16/07 23:17] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: .🙏🙏🙏
[16/07 23:34] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: Eid Mubarak
[17/07 06:38] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  Goodmorning   Sir  and   my  friends.      Happy  and  Blessed   EID   AL  FITR   💐💐💐
[17/07 09:33] Every husband is a farmer by default.
His survival
solely depends on 'agree'culture...😜
[17/07 09:33] Thought this is good.. so shared
[17/07 09:35] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 😜😜hahaha.. that's cool
[17/07 09:59] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -  Renuka                   Sir   👌👌👌                                                        🙏🙏🙏
[17/07 10:01] Hp anusha. durga: I read this somewhere.. good one.. 😊😊
[17/07 11:21] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: (Husband)farmer - 'agree' with 'culture' is a good thing.  😜😄😄😄
🙏Sir. All the best for the playful learners
[17/07 11:35] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Paithalmala???
Wonderful pictures....!!!
[17/07 11:36] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Really we are missing.......😩😩😩
[17/07 12:18] Hp anusha. durga: Yeah
[17/07 15:01] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pics !! Thank u Anusha didi 😊😊👍👍👏👏
[17/07 17:51] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[17/07 19:20] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Wonderful practical knowledge.
[17/07 19:20] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Well done
[17/07 19:32] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[17/07 19:36] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pic 👏
[17/07 19:41] Hp anusha. durga: #MyMovieReview:  Bahubali - The Beginning
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Fantasy
Director: S S Rajamouli
Stars: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Tamannah, Ramya Krishna, Nassar, Sathya Raj
My Review:
It is termed as the biggest Indian Movie and living up to this expectation this movie is just 'The Beginning' which means only the first part, and in order to know the entire story one will have to wait till 2016, for 'Bahubali - The Conclusion'. So, bear this in mind before watching the movie that you are gonna have only half a cup of this Bahubali Coffee.
Coming to the film, it is a visual treat with stunning graphics and photography. The movie opens with Sivagami (Ramyakrishna) trying to save Shivudu alias Mahendra Baahubali (Prabhas). During this Sivagami decides to let go her life in order to save this child and holds him high in her hand while drowning herself. Some villagers spot this and saves the child, Sanga (Rohini) and her husband raises this child as their own. The first half of this movie is like a Raghavendra Rao movie, with romantic touch to it, and the visuals during this part, mostly the waterfall, snow covered peaks etc are stunning. Shivudu climbs the waterfall and reaches to the Snow covered peaks and falls in love with Avanthika (Tamanna) and understands that her life goal is to save Devasena (Anushka) and tries to help her. He enters the Mahishmathi kingdom in order to save Devasena and there the story takes a turn and he finds out that Sanga is not her own mother and Devasena is her mother and his father is Amarendra Bahubali. He learns from Kattappa, the senapathi, about the story of his father and Bhallala Deva (Rana), one who tortured his mother Devasena. The strategy, the formations, war scenes during the second half are too good and one gets lost in the depth of the story. This film takes you on a fantasy ride to the Mahishmathi kingdom and with the stunning visuals, one feels that he/she is a part of the kingdom and are actually watching everything happening before their eyes. While few plots of the movie are easy to guess, the strategy and the intellect used in the plot is something praiseworthy. The music of this movie is too good and the background score matches the flow. The best song as per me is Sivuni Aana in which Keeravani packs lines from Shiva Tandava Stotram with Inaganti Sundar’s Telugu words in a rousing percussion-heavy piece (hindolam/malkauns raga based), and delivers the song himself, again with some excellent backing vocals. As, I already mentioned one won't be able to rate the story now as this is just half of the journey and this journey is set to complete in 2016 with the release of Bahubali - The Conclusion. So far, this ride to the Mahishmathi kingdom with 'The Beginning' was smooth. Hoping for a same smooth ride throughout the Bahubali journey. Also, the main thing which is clearly evident in this film is that, it gave employment opportunity to many people. Overall, this movie is worth the wait and worth one's time as such movies are not easy to be made.
My Rating: 4 out of 5…
[17/07 20:59] Hp anusha. durga: Learning at its best
[17/07 22:11] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: NEWS AGENCIES
[17/07 22:29] H. hp. krishna. priya?: This agencies are regarding ?
[17/07 22:30] Hp anusha. durga: They are the major news agencies in those countries..
[17/07 22:31] Hp anusha. durga: if u check the international editorials in some of our major newspapers, u could see that they take the news from these agencies and mention it there
[17/07 22:37] H. hp. krishna. priya?: Ok cool
[17/07 22:37] H. hp. krishna. priya?: Thanks for sharing the info
[18/07 00:35] Hp anusha. durga: From 17th July, 1996, Madras was known as Chennai
[18/07 08:44] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today is the birthday of Nelson Mandela.
[18/07 09:13] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813       -   Renuka                  Goodmorning    Sir   &   my  dear   friends.
[18/07 09:30] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pics 👏👍
[18/07 10:19] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Beautiful  everlasting memories of new generation with the most loving Guru. Really precious gift the parents can give to their children.
[18/07 10:47] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👏
[18/07 10:53] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: Nic pics...👏👏👏👏👏
[18/07 16:37] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: A great experience especially for gulf kids
[18/07 16:38] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: They really have never experienced such things here... 👍👍👍
[18/07 20:15] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👏👏👏
[18/07 20:22] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[18/07 21:34] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👏👏👍
[18/07 21:36] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: 👏👏👏👏👍👍
[18/07 21:48] H. hp. krishna. priya?: 👍👍👍
[18/07 22:05] Hp anusha. durga: The Shahnameh meaning "The Book of Kings", is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c. 977 and 1010 CE and is the national epic of Greater Iran. Consisting of some 60,000 verses, the Shahnameh is the world's longest epic poetry written by a single poet. It tells mainly the mythical and to some extent the historical past of the Persian Empire from the creation of the world until the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 7th century..
[18/07 22:06] Hp anusha. durga: I guess most of u might have heard abt the famous Persian story of Sohrab and Rostam, it is from this..
[18/07 23:12] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1857, The Calcutta, Mumbai and Madras Universities were established.
[18/07 23:14] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1947, Indian Independence Act was signed by King George VI, and was proclaimed as Indian Freedom Act.
[18/07 23:16] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1980, Madras Doordashan Centre transmitted their first colour transmission for one hour in the afternoon, and this programme was re-transmitted simultaneously by Delhi Doordarshan, India.
[18/07 23:24] Hp anusha. durga: History is always fascinating, though it is more about struggle of people (not just Indian history, but any country for that matter) to see themselves independent, it is good to know about those people, the life those days, which not only teaches us to be thankful for the freedom we enjoy, but also to think about the way the technology improved, which made the lives much easier, communication much faster and many more things.. Thus, this inspires the love for history...
[18/07 23:26] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Thanks for the info
[19/07 00:03] Hp anusha. durga: For the first time, secret ballots were introduced in the world history for voting on 18th July, 1872 in Great Britain.
[19/07 00:43] Hp anusha. durga: On 18th July, 1877, inventor, Thomas Edison recorded the human voice for the first time
[19/07 08:51] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971   55  57  55  813   -    Renuka                 Goodmorning   Sir  and  my  friends.
[19/07 09:27] Hp anusha. durga: Good morning ,
On the way to naduvil to pick up Sooraj  after one week fully  enjoyment.
No words to say thanks to Dr.ji and the whole camp team...
A good  lesson for their entire career.
A natural therapy which they do not get from middle east.
An open mind play station  which they can't  expect from the school.
Unforgettable memories through out their life.
Thanks once again to the entire team..✌👍👏👏👏
[19/07 09:27] Hp anusha. durga: Parents response…
[19/07 09:55] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome 👍👏✌👌
[19/07 09:57] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: 👏👍👌✌superb
[19/07 10:00] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today is the birthday of Mangal Pandey.
[19/07 10:05] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Great to see that the first batch enjoyed well.
[19/07 10:05] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Today vednarayan and Aamod will be joining from kayamkulam. They are on the way.
[19/07 10:15] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Mangal Pandey
Mangal Pandey is an important person who led to the outbreak of 1857 revolt. He was a sepoy in the Bengal Native Infantry of the British East India Company. He was born in Uttar Pradesh.
He was killed by the British government as he denied to use the cartridges with contained the fats of cow/pig and this was against the religious beliefs of Hindus and Muslims.
His life has been portrayed in many films like Mangal Pandey : The Rising.
[19/07 11:41] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👌👏👏👏👏👍
[19/07 13:31] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Happy to see the enjoying children's. It is going to be a memorable moments in their life😊👍👍👍👍
[19/07 17:29] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: 7
[19/07 17:34] Qatar manoj. tvm: 👏👏👏
[19/07 18:02] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: BODMAS
[19/07 18:37] Hp anusha. durga: Jnaanam Camp - 1, ended today..
[19/07 18:38] Hp anusha. durga: Jnaanam is all set to gear up for the camp-2 from tomo..
[19/07 18:40] Hp anusha. durga: Here are the glimpses of what parents have to say abt it..
[19/07 18:40] Hp anusha. durga: Sir you have really shown kids a great way of learning with fun...  I am sure every child who has attended the camp will cherish there memories a life time and would love to attend this every year...
[19/07 18:40] Hp anusha. durga: spoke to gauri just now.. she don't want to go home..she is soooo happy to be a part of the camp.. thank you sir.. thanks a lot
[19/07 18:40] Hp anusha. durga: We all are grateful to u sir for giving a great experience  to all our kids.
[19/07 18:41] Hp anusha. durga: Thank you Guruji for the wonderful experience you gave us I learnt a lot of things from you.😀😀 I am anxiously waiting to see you in Bahrain,Gokul Manoj
[19/07 18:41] Hp anusha. durga: sooo nice to see all this pics... one doubt... do the kids really wish to come back to their parents ??!!!!!
[19/07 18:41] Hp anusha. durga: Great going.... Beautiful pics of nature.... Can clearly see d kids enjoying.... Kuduos to Guruji & students... Unfortunately my daughter will not be able to join 20th july batch. She was registered as Swati- Doha in d list... V r travelling all d way to north to visit my uncle who has been diagnosed with cancer.... Everyone in dis team pls pray for him...
I'll keep in touch for the next camp...
[19/07 19:17] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👏👏👏👏👏👏
[19/07 19:23] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏all the best for the next batch
[19/07 19:24] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏all the best to everyone...
[19/07 19:27] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👏👏👏👏
[19/07 20:12] Hp anusha. durga: Mangal Pandey - This name is synonymous with the revolt of 1857, which is also boasted as the First War of Indian Independence. He was the hero of many Indian soldiers, who had devised a plan to revolt against the British. His plan was falseproof and he went on contacting many people like Jhansi Laxmibhai, Tantya Tope, Nana Saheb, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Bahadur Shah etc to name a few. But his plan failed due to the poor communication and bad coordination. He was caught by the Britishers and was executed. He stood as an inspiration to many who were revolting against the British then. The revolt of 1857, though was not successful, resulted in ending the company rule and transferring the power to the British Crown. People like Mangal Pandey are the one's behind the free air which we enjoy today, taking out at least a few minutes know about them is the greatest homage we pay.
[19/07 21:35] Hp anusha. durga: Hot air balloons
[19/07 21:36] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
● The sport of flying
Hot air balloons fly over buildings on the outskirts of Minsk in Belarus during the Second International Aeronautics Championship on Saturday.  Some 70 Pilots from Belarus , Ukraine ,Russia etc were part in the championship.
♧ Hi - tech Amaravati unveiled
The evidence if Singapore is clearly evident in the first representational images of the seed capital of Amaravati. These artist's representations of the future Amaravati show high rises,  inland waterways and a defined metro corridor.
□ Riyadh arrests 400 terror suspects
Saudi Arabia said it has broken up planned IS attacks in the kingdom,  while announcing it has arrested over 400 people in its raids. They blame them for the November shooting and killing of eight worshippers in the eastern Saudi Arabian village of Al ahsa.
° Indian Junior women to face the Netherlands
A tough opening contest awaits the Indian Junior women's hockey team in the Volvo Invitational under 21 tournament against hosts the Netherlands in Breda.
New word - baulk - refuse to go on
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[19/07 21:36] Hp anusha. durga: It is a famous sport in South Africa
[19/07 21:37] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: It happened recently.
[19/07 21:37] Hp anusha. durga: 👏👏
[19/07 21:39] Hp anusha. durga: Yep, it is being planned on the lines of Singapore, hope it works
[19/07 21:40] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Wish for good.
[19/07 21:40] Hp anusha. durga: Hoping for the best
[19/07 21:40] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Yessss😄😄
[19/07 21:43] Hp anusha. durga: First magazine in Sanskrit is being launched in India, it's name is Varthavali..
[19/07 21:43] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The federation Aeronautique Internationale
FAI - the world air sports federation,  is the world governing body for air sports , Aeronautics and astronautics world records.  It's head office is in Lausanne , Switzerland.
[19/07 21:47] Hp anusha. durga: I read abt this, when I read abt FAI mentioned in one of the novels I read. I read that to regulate the sport of flying, the various aviation meetings and advance the science and sport of Aeronautics this was formed during a conference in Paris.
[19/07 21:47] Hp anusha. durga: It didnt register in my mind then, thanks to u, for making me brush my memory.
[19/07 21:48] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: U r welcome Chechii.
[19/07 21:49] Hp anusha. durga: English movies are known as Hollywood, Hindi as Bollywood and my new novel taught me abt Lollywood now.. Pakistani film industry is referred as Lollywood.
[19/07 21:50] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The international Aeronautics Championship is timed to the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War .
[19/07 21:50] Hp anusha. durga: I tried finding out why the name Lollywood, previously most of the movies in Pakistan used to be shot in Lahore and hence the name Lollywood and same way, now I know why Bollywood as back then, most of the Hindi movies were shot in Bombay.
[19/07 21:51] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Lollywood is an unofficial nickname used for the part of Pakistani film industry based in the city of Lahore
[19/07 21:52] Hp anusha. durga: That is what Wiki says, but they refer to the pakistani film industry as Lollywood.. 😉
[19/07 21:53] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The word Lollywood was coined in the summer of 1989 in the now - defunct magazine Glamour published from Karachi by a gossip columnist Saleem Nasir.
[19/07 21:56] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Lahore was the epicenter of Pakistani cinema .
[19/07 21:59] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Malayalam movie industry is called Mollywood.
[20/07 10:46] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Kids having a valuable time
[20/07 11:48] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Can't never forget.
[20/07 14:41] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Second batch??
[20/07 14:44] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Great to see the second batch
[20/07 18:24] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Easter Island
Island in the Pacific Ocean
Area: 163.6 km²
Population: 5,761 (2012)
Capital: Hanga Roa
[20/07 18:24] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Easter Island - The name "Easter Island" was given by the island's first recorded European visitor, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who encountered it on Easter Sunday (5 April) in 1722, while searching for Davis or David's island. Roggeveen named it Paasch-Eyland (18th century Dutch for "Easter Island"). The island's official Spanish name, Isla de Pascua, also means "Easter Island".
[20/07 18:40] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
●  Silicon Valley plans   MSG - like reception for Modi.
The Indian - Americans in California have begun preparations for a grand reception similar to last year's Madison Square Garden event for Prime minister Narendra Modi , who would be the only second Indian premier to visit the state with a trip planned in September to Silicon Valley.
● Schoolchildren protest demanding more teachers in Raichur
Over 300 schoolchildren studying at the Government Higher Primary School at Garaladinni village in Raichur taluk boycotted classes and staged a demonstration outside their school with their parents and villagers demanding more teachers.  They came to school in uniform as usual with school bags , after finishing the prayer , they sat on dharna,  raising slogans demanding teachers.
● Three time surfing champ fights off shark during South Africa contest.
Knocked off by an at taking shark,  three times champ Mick Fanning Punched  the creature before escaping  unharmed during the televised finals if a world surfing competition in South Africa.
●  Two - storey villa built in three hours in China.
A Chinese company has assembled a 3 - D printed two - storey villa in less than three hours,  complete with interior decoration,  plumbing,  wiring and other facilities. The modules were made in the factory using   3 - D printing technology.
● FIFA presidential election to be held on February 26 2016.
FIFA will hold a presidential election on February 26 , giving Sepp Blatter seven more months in power before leaving the scandal - tainted governing body.
New word - beady - small , round or bright.
By sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[20/07 18:51] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Why do we get a runny nose when we eat spicy food?
As a defense system against animals and birds destroying plants, certain chemicals are found in the plant's tissues. Capsaicin also known as Allylisothiocyanate is one if such chemicals found in chillies in very high quantity in the placental tissue that holds the seeds. It serves as a defend for the plant against various animals. It also works as an antifungal agent. These chemicals when eaten in good amount end up not only causing a "hot" sensation on our tongue,  but also irritate the mucous membranes in our nose , causing them to become inflamed. This triggers those membranes to produce extra amounts if mucous as a defence mechanism to try to keep out whatever unwanted substance or particles are causing the irritation. Our eyes may also be watery while we eat spicy foods.
By sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[20/07 18:53] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: BRICS
[20/07 18:59] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet:
In 1978, a 14-year-old named V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai developed a computer program, which replicated the features of the interoffice, inter-organizational paper mail system. He named his program “EMAIL”. Shiva filed an application for copyright in his program and in 1982 the United States Copyright Office issued a Certificate of Registration, No. TXu-111-775, to him on the program.
[20/07 18:59] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national incomes : Brazil,  Russia, India, China,  South Africa. The grouping was originally known as " BRIC" before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010. As of 2014,  the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 million people , or approximately 40% of the world population. It is estimated that the combined GDP ( PPP) of BRICS would reach US $ 50 trillion mark by 2020.
[20/07 19:01] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The term "BRIC" was coined in 2001 by then - chairman of Golden Sachs Asset Management,  Jim' I Neill,  in his publication Building Better Global Economic BRICs.
[20/07 19:50] Hp anusha. durga: Dear Sir,
I am incredibly proud of the young man that Anaswar has become – it is
hard to believe the changes in him after the session at Jnaanam. I
would like to thank you for helping to foster the confidence for
Anaswar to find himself.
While registering,  I did not know anything about this course, place
or duration – but we were lucky in our choice and decision. I feel
very fortunate for us to become a part of this course. What I value is
the nurturing community that you have
established there and the passion and commitment you bring to giving
students the skills and opportunities to thrive.
Thank you for being so patient with Anaswar and encouraging him to go
out on a limb, and to explore himself. He is now more confident and
sober, but most importantly he is so incredibly happy even he miss his
good friends.
Thank you for your blessings, encouragement and for what you have selflessly
given us. You have been a friend, mentor, advocate, educator and his Valiyacha.
I take this opportunity to thank Ms. Remani, my makkals and all others
whom we met at Jnaanam.
Gayathri Anilkumar
Anaswar’s Mother.
[20/07 20:14] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[20/07 20:16] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👏👏👏👏👏👏
[20/07 20:24] JNB. mrann. mary. roy. 9: Good evening Dr.TPS
Today's news
1) First cabinet meet after Jaya's acquittal in wealth  case.
Chennai: Tamil Naadu chief minister Jayalalitha today convened a meeting of her cabinet, the first after she returned to the top post following her acquittal in a wealth case in May this year.
2) 300 women cops join Patna police
Patna:Around 300 new constables ,have joined Patna police and are undergoing rigorous training at Patna police line.
3)Iran foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticize US,Israel over threat of military action
Tehran:Iran's foreign minister on Monday criticized the US and Israel for not taking the threat off the table following the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.
New Words
Rigorous- extremely thorough and careful..
Acquittal- acquittal formally certifies that the accused is free from the charge of an offence.
[20/07 20:32] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: The district has most number of railway stations in kerala-Trivandrum
The longest train service, which starts from kerala Trivandrum-Guwahati Express
The largest daily rail service in India Kerala Express(Trivandrum-New delhi)
[20/07 23:19] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1905, first Partition of Bengal, which was proposed by Lord Curzon, was accepted by British Government's Minister of India.
[20/07 23:20] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1924, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar established Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha
[20/07 23:20] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👏👏👏👏
[20/07 23:20] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1969, M. Hidayatullah became the first acting President of India.
[20/07 23:21] Hp anusha. durga: In 1982, Mira Behn (90), disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, passed away.
[20/07 23:24] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1991, Chithira Tirunal Bala Rama Varma, former Maharaja of Travancore, passed away at the age of 78 years after a brief illness. His term as the descendant of the Chera dynasty saw many progressive reforms in the field of legislation, education and many more. He was hailed as ""Ashoka the second"".
[20/07 23:27] Hp anusha. durga: He enacted the now famous Temple Entry Proclamation in 1936, established the University of Travancore (now the University of Kerala) in 1937. The Women Studies Journal Samyukta reports that, 40% of the Travancore's revenue was set apart for education, during the reign of Sree Chithira Thirunal. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, Travancore Public Transport Department renamed Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, Pallivasal Hydro-electric Project,Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore (FACT) etc. were established by him.
[20/07 23:28] Hp anusha. durga: Historians credit him for the industrialization of Travancore
[20/07 23:30] Hp anusha. durga: He also sponsored the higher education of a young K. R. Narayanan who went on to become the 10th President of India.
[21/07 11:40] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: New learning experiences in a new ambiance.
Best wishes.
Really lucky.
Enjoy ....
Don't forget to make use of this golden opportunity  to ask more questions about everything u wish to learn.  Guruji is an encyclopedia of knowledge with sincere love and care.
[21/07 12:33] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 🙏
[21/07 12:55] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Very true mini
[21/07 12:56] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👍
[21/07 15:42] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👏👏👏ur right mini
[21/07 18:13] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pics
[21/07 20:22] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
● Rajya Sabha panel adopts report on GST
A day ahead of the  commencement of the monsoon session of the Parliament, a Rajya Sabha select committee has adopted a report on the contentious Goods and Services Tax Bill after the Centre agreed to compensate States for revenue loss for five years .
- New Delhi
●  National policy to counted IS threat planned.
A senior government official told that to devise a strategy to counter the IS threat,  " we have decided to come up with new national policy. To begin with , we will bring all the stakeholders concerned to a common table and share the various strategies that can be adopted, " the official said.
- New Delhi
● Navy aligns indigenisation plan with        ' Make in India '
The Navy has unveiled a 15 - year plan to achieve full indigenisation in all phases of warship construction,  from ship building to systems to weapons,  and aligned it with Prime minister Narendra Modi's     " Make In India". The Navy wants to involve private industry in a big way in this initiative.
- New Delhi
♤ Lufthansa plane nearly collides with drone.
A Lufthansa plane that was approaching Warsaw' s International Airport nearly collided with a drone. The spokesmen for Warsaw' s airport, said that the drone was within 100 meters if the plane arriving from Munich.
- Warsaw
♤ China signs 1401 project contracts under Silk Road initiative
Chinese companies have signed 1401 project contracts worth USD 37. 6 billion in countries along its Silk Road initiative in the first half of this year, nearly half of combined overseas contract value, according to official data released on Tuesday.
- Beijing
♤ Iran's Parliament to review nuclear deal.
Iran's Foreign Minister      Mohammad Javad Zarif has handed over the landmark nuclear deal reached with world powers last week to the country's Parliament so that Iranian lawmakers can review it,  state media said.
- Tehran
♢ Shiva , Devendro in India's squad for Asian Boxing Championships
Defending champion Shiva Thapa and Commonwealth Games silver medallist   Mandeep Jangra will spearhead a 10 member strong Indian challenge in the Asian Championships to be held in Bangkok from August 24 to September 6.
- New Delhi
Science and Technology
■ Expectations shale infants' brains
Infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains,  shows research. Portions of babies' brains responsible for visual processing respond not just to the presence of visual stimuli,  but also to the mere expectation of visual stimuli.
- Washington
Word from text
Spearhead -  an individual or group chosen to lead a thrust or attack.
New word -  beguile - charm,  amuse
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[21/07 20:58] Hp anusha. durga: #MyMovieReview Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Kabir Khan
Stars: Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor, Harshaali Malthotra
My Review:
This movie unlike other Salman Khan films, is not an action oriented one. It actually got a very good storyline with good humour touch to it. Salman Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui nailed the performances as always and as expected, but what came as surprise is the performance of the child artist (Harshaali Malhotra), known as Munni alias Shahida in the film, which has no other words than amazing, perfect and exceptional. There is not much scope for Kareena in this film. First half of the movie is mostly the comedy part where, this kid, who couldn't talk, gets into India from Pakistan and struggles explaining where she belongs to. Our protagonist, who is a Hanuman devotee finds her and tries to help her in finding her home. During the second half it shows how this man, who believes that it is not good to go to other religious worship places, transforms himself during the process of helping this kid to find her home by travelling with her to Pakistan. It portrays that, either in India or Pakistan, the people everywhere are same, with same blend of emotions and love in them and the human nature in them still alive. It shows that these borders or religious feelings are the play-items of the politicians and people across both the borders have nothing to do with it. It is righteously made movie with an important moral message for both countries and their rivalry. All in all, Kabir Khan have made up for his past presentations with Bajrangi Bhaijan and it is worth a watch. An inspiring film!
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
[21/07 21:03] JNB. mrann. mary. roy. 9: Good evening
Today's news
NASA captures epic image of earth
Washington:NASA has captured the first image of the sunlit side of earth from a distance of 1.6 million kilometers ,which prompted US president Barack Obama to tweet about the need to protect the only planet we have
Delhi government scraps BRT  corridor system
New Delhi: The AAP led the Delhi government on  Tuesday decided to scrap the bus rapid transit (BRT)    corridor system introduced by  Sheila Dikshit led Congress govt
New Word:
Audit: an official inspection of an organization's accounts
[21/07 21:05] JNB. mrann. mary. roy. 9: Ann Mary Roy from Abu Dhabi
[21/07 21:37] Glad to see the jnaanam camp student. . Ann Mary
[21/07 23:28] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1947, Indian Constitution Assembly accepted the tricolour flag as its National Flag. This flag is with three equal horizontal stripes of Saffron (Sacrifice), White (Truth) and Green (Prosperity) and a Chakra is superimposed on white (Dharma Chakra on the capitol of Ashoka's Pillar at Sarnath) in blue colour having 24 spokes. The ratio of the width to length is two to three.
[21/07 23:36] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 2008, Ram Baran Yadav was declared the first president of Nepal.
[21/07 23:38] Hp anusha. durga: The famous Indian poet and songwriter, Anand Bakshi was born in 1930 on this date.
[21/07 23:43] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1906, Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee,  an Indian barrister and the first president of Indian National Congress passed away. He was the first Indian to contest the election for the British House of Commons although he lost the election.
[21/07 23:58] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍👍
[22/07 01:32] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👌👌
[22/07 06:32] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  Goodmorning    Sir   &  my   dear  friends.
[22/07 07:32] H. hp. krishna. priya?: Good morning all
[22/07 07:37] Dias. knr. sreelakshmi. mo: Good morning Sir and friends
Today in History
It was on 22July in 1947 that the Constituent Assembly adopted the National Flag of India in its present form.The Dharma Chakra's  design is that of the wheel which appears on the abacus of the Sarnath lion , Capital of Ashoka.The National Flag of India was designed by Pingali Venkavya.The top saffron colour indicates the strength and courage of the country.The white middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The green shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land.
[22/07 08:13] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Yeah..also on this day in 2012, Pranab Mukherjee became the president of India.
[22/07 08:28] H. hp. krishna. priya?: "Every interaction is an opportunity to learn only if we are interested in improving rather than proving."
Have an Excellent Morning and a Wonderfull day😊
[22/07 09:55] Hp anusha. durga: Mavila leaf as brush
[22/07 18:05] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pics
[22/07 18:40] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Great experience for the students
[22/07 18:52] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Gud evening
Today's News
1)Microsoft reports biggest ever loss as it writes down  Nokia
Microsoft  Corp reported a $3.2 billion quarterly net loss , it's biggest ever,  as the company  wrote  down  its Nokia phone business  and demand  fell  for its Windows  operating system.
2)China starts building  its largest solar plant.
Beijing:China has begun constructing its largest  solar plant spread over 2550 hectares in the Gobi desert.The plant will  come up in Quinhai province. The plant will have installed the capacity of 200 megawatts ,and be able of supplying electricity to 1 million house holds , according to Qiuhai Solar Thermal  Power Group.
3)Over one lakh Kerala fishermen given biometric ID cards
Thiruvananthapuram:As part of a national coastal security plan,more than one lakh fishermen in kerala  have been given biometric  identity cards with Centers  financial assistance
[22/07 19:11] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👏👏👏👏👏
[22/07 20:02] Hp anusha. durga: 👏👏
[22/07 20:26] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening all .
Today's news brief.
City keen on having INS Viraat berthed as naval museum.
Dakshina Kannada district administration has expressed their interest in housing (berthing).INS Viraat the last British ship serving the Indian Navy.
New Development Bank of BRICS Opens in Shanghai.
The Brazil - Russia - India - China - South Africa (BRICS) grouping has formally opened the The New Development Bank (NDB) as a dedicated channel of alternate finance.
Special Session on women's safety.
The AAP government has convened special session Delhi Assembly on July 28 to discuss women's safety in the capital and pass a resolution for setting up a commission of enquiry to look in to the complaints of crimes against women.
11 -  member Indian team has been announced for the WSF world Junior squash championship to be held in Eindhoven (Netherlands) from July 26 to Aug 4.
New word
belittle - make seem unimportant.
By sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[22/07 21:08] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👏👏
[22/07 21:09] Hp anusha. durga: Hello everyone, please circulate the poster reg the Onam camp among ur contacts..
[22/07 21:59] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👍
[22/07 23:17] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sure
[22/07 23:34] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👍
[22/07 23:38] H. hp. krishna. priya?: Sure di
[23/07 05:58] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -  Renuka                   Goodmorning  Sir  and  dear  friends.
[23/07 08:16] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today is the Birth Anniversary of Bal Gangadar Tilak
[23/07 12:00] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 😀😀😀reshmi
Ur there
[23/07 12:15] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  👌👌👌
[23/07 15:47] Hp anusha. durga: Welcome Abhishikta
[23/07 15:48] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Thankyou Anusha for adding me
[23/07 15:48] Hp anusha. durga: Camp day - 4
[23/07 15:49] Hp anusha. durga: 3 hours walk ...
[23/07 15:49] Hp anusha. durga: 11 kms
[23/07 16:23] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: To all Ekalavyaas..
I am Abhishikta working in IT for past few years..never liked it though. Just because I am so confused to choose any other line of work I am still stuck with IT.
Strong believer of Free Will & Empathy.
Interests: Film making, Organising/Volunteering events, Exploring new places...
Pass time: Reading Humour & Fiction, Listening Music, Watching Movies...
Very much eager to learn fine arts, new languages(Sanskrit is my latest crush)
Wish I contribute as much as I can and hope I learn to learn better...
[23/07 17:01] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 💐Welcome Abhishikta to this wonderful family. This is mini Subhash  fromSharjah.
[23/07 17:12] UaE ajman. sabitha: Welcome Abhishikta.....that was a sweet intro n I liked it
[23/07 17:20] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813    -  Renuka                  Haai   Abhishikta ,   Welcome  My  family .         💐💐💐          👏👏👏   😄
[23/07 17:20] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Thanks for warm welcome 😊
[23/07 17:23] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: I was hesitating would people even read...then I thought okay atleast one might read...I'm glad now ..Thanks Renuka 😊
[23/07 17:27] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813  -   Renuka                   🌹🌹🌹   Welcome   Abhi,
[23/07 17:29] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Hi all...Sabitha Subhash Renuka
[23/07 17:32] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Wonderful name....abhishikta.... Warm welcome💐
[23/07 17:51] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Thankyou..this is very nice of you guys..I m overwhelmed already 😊
[23/07 17:57] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Welcome Abhishikta. .😊💐🙏.. Loved ur intro😊
[23/07 18:02] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: 😊
[23/07 18:42] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: Lets welcome One more ekalavya.....Abhishikta👍...your first arrow struck everyone😄
[23/07 18:45] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: 😀😀😀😀
[23/07 19:09] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: 😀
[23/07 21:27] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏
[23/07 21:28] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
● Super 30 now stars in a French film.
Mathematician Anand Kumar ' s Super 30,  acclaimed for helping students if deprived sections to crack the Indian Institute of Technology entrance examination,  now features in a film made by the famous French director Pascal Plisson.
- Patna
●Doctor wants ban on White coats
Doctors wearing long - sleeved white coats in India facilitate the transmission of infection in Hospitals,  according to a Mangaluru - based doctor,  who published his views in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).
- Bengaluru
● India earns $100 million launching 45 foreign satellites
India gas earned about USD 100 million launching 45 foreign satellites till date and revenue from its commercial space missions is poised to grow with another 28 foreign satellites planned to be pit into orbit between 2015 and 2017.
- New Delhi
● 'A man of few words ' wins word game
Scrabble lovers tend to alight on similar words when describing Nigel Richards,  the New Zealander who this week won the word game's francophone world championship though he cannot speak any French.
- Wellington
● Waterproof Google Glass soon
The "Enterprise Edition" of Google Glass 2.0 will be water- resistant with a more rugged design,  9th Google. com reported.
● Kohli to play for India 'A' against Australia 'A'.
Ti prepare himself for the upcoming three - match Test series against Sri Lanka,  India's Test captain Virat Kohli will represent the country's 'A' side against Australia 'A' in the second unofficial four - day match starting from July 29 in Chennai.
Science and Technology
The EPIC image of Earth
Clicked from 1.6 million km away in space , a NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory              ( DSCOVR) satellite has returned it's first stunning views of the entire sunlit side if Earth.
New word - bellicose - eager to fight.
By sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[23/07 22:14] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Thankyou Sreelekshmi👍
[24/07 00:40] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍
[24/07 01:45] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Welcome to our family abhishikta
[24/07 06:03] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                   Goodmorning  Sir  and  my  dear  friends،    😄
[24/07 06:05] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Good morning ⛅
[24/07 06:11] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971   55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                 H  r  u   Abhi
[24/07 06:13] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: I'm good...hw abt u?
[24/07 06:18] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   Renuka                      I'm  fine،
[24/07 09:06] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Good Morning
[24/07 12:17] JNM. DXB. babita. kannur. JN: 👍👏👏👏👏
[24/07 12:23] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57   55  813   -  Renuka                  👍👍👍                            💐💐💐                                  👏👏👏
[24/07 12:47] H. Anoosha. aec. dance: Wow..
[24/07 17:04] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Scientists using NASA's powerful Kepler telescope have found a planet beyond the solar system that is a close match to Earth.
The planet, which is about 60 per cent bigger than Earth, is located about 1,400 light years away in the constellation Cygnus, the scientists told a news conference on Thursday.
While similarly sized planets have been found before, the latest one, known as Kepler-452b, is circling a star that is very similar but older than the sun at a distance about the same as Earth's orbit.
"It's great progress in finding a planet like Earth that is similar in size and temperature around a sun-like star," Jeff Coughlin, Kepler research scientist at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, told reporters on a conference call.
Based on its size, scientists believe Kepler-452b is rocky and Earth-like and positioned at the right distance for liquid surface water, which is believed to be necessary for life.
The research will be published in an upcoming issue of The Astronomical Journal.
[24/07 22:32] Hp anusha. durga: Welcome Bhavana
[24/07 22:35] Hp anusha. durga: Parents Feedback:
[24/07 22:35] Hp anusha. durga: We have realised  the real gurukulam today
Children you all are so blessed to be the students of great Guruiji
Thank you so much Guruiji for your love and caring towards Chrisjoe and to us
[24/07 22:35] Hp anusha. durga: Kids are having a wonderful time together ... I am sure all had a memorable Summer vacation not just in front of tv or gadgets..
[24/07 22:35] Hp anusha. durga: Hope every year we can have such camps
[24/07 22:35] Hp anusha. durga: Sir thanku so much for giving UAE kids such a great opportunity of learning..,
[24/07 22:39] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍👍
[24/07 23:48] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Hi
Today's news brief
●Painting that saved Mandela gets a lifeline
A painting the helped fund South Africa anti - apartheid icon Nelson Mandela' s legal defence when he was on trial for treason in the early 1960s has been found in London apartment where it was being used as a notice board.
- London
● Fencing champion 'killed for refusing to pay bribe of Rs.200
Hoshiyar Singh , a national - level fencing champion dues after he was thrown off a train allegedly by the Railway Police for refusing to pay a bribe if Rs.200. Singh died on the spot.
- Meerut
● Mumbai City FC retain midfielder Moritz.
Indian Super League (ISL) franchise Mumbai City FC has retained midfielder Andre Moritz for the second edition of the tournament, the club announced.
- Mumbai
New word - benignant - kindly especially to inferiors.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[25/07 00:15] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[25/07 00:20] Hp anusha. durga: On July 24:
Simon Bolivar, great dynamic leader and social reformer, was born at Carcas in 1783
Pannalal Ghosh, famous flute player, was born in 1911
Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan was established for the service of the sick and humanitarian activities in 1932
[25/07 07:05] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -  Renuka                   Goodmorning   sIr  &  my  dear  friends:
[25/07 08:32] H. hp. krishna. priya?: Good morning all
[25/07 09:21] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: 👍
[25/07 11:22] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1958, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, was inaugurated.
[25/07 16:06] Hp anusha. durga: It is on this date most of our Presidents have sworn in..
[25/07 16:06] Hp anusha. durga: and also retired
[25/07 16:07] Hp anusha. durga: In 1977, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy became the sixth President of India. He held this office till July 25, 1982
[25/07 16:08] Hp anusha. durga: In 1982, Gyani Zail Singh became 7th President of India. He held the office till July 25, 1987.
[25/07 16:08] Hp anusha. durga: In 1987, Ramaswamy Venkataraman became the eighth President of India. He held this office till July 25, 1992.
[25/07 16:09] Hp anusha. durga: In 1992, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma sworn in as the ninth President of India. He remained in this office from July 25, 1992 to July 25, 1997
[25/07 16:09] Hp anusha. durga: In 1997, Kocheril Raman Narayanan (K. R. Narayanan) became the 10th President of India.
[25/07 20:18] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: BASIC INFO
*Dakahina Dwaraka
          Guruvayoor                       Temple
*Dakahina Kasi
    Thirunelli Temple
*Dakshina Varanasi
    Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple
*Dakshina Guruvayoor
    Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Swami Temple
[25/07 20:35] H. hp. krishna. priya?: This information is regarding krishnaji temple ?
[25/07 21:27] Hp anusha. durga: It is said that god is there in every piece of this world and what jnanam has taught me is that so is knowledge. At my first day I thought u( my friends) are just ordinary boys and girls like me.  But Dr TPS. proved me wrong. He taught us to learn lives lessons from each other. U guys have taught me so much, that I'm no long the same person on the first day. We are a family and it always will be so. Cheriachann may not have taught me everything but he has sure taught me where to look for it, among my friend. So lots of thanks to all of u and I sure do and will miss u all Cheriyaccha, ramani aunty, rohan r and s, Aaron, Ashwin, Sam,Chris, Arjun , Rohit, ved, Amod, Neha, Aishwarya,.... Shahan, Arun, Saurab, Sarang, Aparn, Arjun Lal, Adit  .. And I hope I'll be back with u all next year too, sure...!
[25/07 21:45] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Beautiful moments to cherish. May God Bless. ...
[25/07 21:55] H. hp. krishna. priya?: 👏👏👏
[25/07 22:30] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Awesome
[26/07 00:34] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Hi,
Today's news brief
● Lot to be done at Rashtrapati Bhavan : President
[26/07 00:34] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Sorry
[26/07 01:03] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: There is a lot to be done at Rashtrapati Bhavan,  President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said aa he ushered in his fourth year in office dispelling notions that life in the President's Estate was in a "realm of boredom".
- New Delhi
● 4.81 crore pilgrims took holy dip in Godavari Pushkaram : AP Minister
The 12 - day Godavari Pushkarams ended in a brilliant display of fireworks and laser show with thousands witnessing the grand event from the Pushkar Gate of the river here on Saturday.
● Sreesanth , Chandila , Chavan discharged in IPL spot- fixing case
Slapped with charges including the of organised crime, cricketers S.Sreeshant , Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan were on Saturday discharged in the sensational 2013 IPL - 6 spot -fixing case by a court in Delhi which held that police has failed to make out a case against them.
New word - blotch- a discolored or inflamed patch on the skin or an irregular patch of ink or colour.
By sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[26/07 04:07] Doha. joy. antony. full. family: Good morning All
[26/07 07:32] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: മതങ്ങൾ തോറ്റു .......... ശാസ്ത്രം ജയിച്ചു ............ ഹൃദയം നല്കിയവൻ്റെ മതം ആരും നോക്കിയില്ല ഹൃദയം സ്വീകരിച്ച വൻ്റെ മതം ആരും നോക്കിയില്ല വിമാനത്തിൻ്റെ പൈലറ്റോ, ആംബുലൻസ് ഡ്രൈവറോ, ഡോക്ടറോ മതം നോക്കിയില്ല എല്ലാവരും നോക്കിയത് മനുഷ്യ ഹൃദയങ്ങളെയാണ് മതങ്ങൾ തോറ്റു .......... ശാസ്ത്രം ജയിച്ചു മതങ്ങളുടെ പേരിൽ തമ്മിൽ തല്ലുന്ന കോമാളികൾ 1000 തവണ തോറ്റു ആദ്യം മനുഷ്യനെ മനുഷ്യനായി കണ്ട് സ്റ്റേ ഹിക്കാൻ പഠിക്കുക അല്ലെങ്കിൽ വർഗ്ഗിയ വാദി നീ അന്യമതസ്ഥൻ്റെ ഹൃദയവുമായി ജീവിക്കണം അപ്പോൾ മാത്രം നീ ഒരു മനുഷ്യനാകു
വളരെ സന്തോഷം നല്കിയ വാറ്ത്ത
തിരുവനന്തപുരത്ത് നിന്ന് ഹൃദയം കൊച്ചിയിലെത്തിച്ച വാറ്ത്ത നമ്മള് ആവേശത്തോടെ സ്വീകരിച്ചു...
എന്നാല് കാലം കരുതിവച്ചതുപോലെ ഒരു മനോഹാരിത...
ഹൃദയം നല്കിയത് ഒരു ഹിന്ദുവിന്റെ
ഹൃദയം സ്വീകരിച്ചത് ഒരു ക്രിസ്ത്യാനി
ശസ്ത്രക്രിയക്ക് പണം നല്കുന്നത് ഒരു മുസ്ലിം....
ഈ സ്നേഹം എന്നും നമ്മുടെ ഇടയിൽ നില നിന്നിരുന്നെങ്കിൽ എത്ര അനുഗ്രഹമായേ നേ.....
[26/07 09:14] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Good morning⛅
[26/07 10:44] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good morning everyone.
[26/07 10:53] Hp anusha. durga: Kargil Vijay Diwas, named after the success of Operation Vijay. On this day, 26 July 1999, India successfully took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistani intruders. The Kargil war was fought for more than 60 days, ended on 26 July. and resulted in the loss of life on both sides, India and Pakistan.
[26/07 10:54] Hp anusha. durga: Our soldiers sacrificied their present to present us with a good future..
[26/07 10:55] Hp anusha. durga: Salutes to those Kargil heroes..
[26/07 10:55] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: This day is celebrated in the Kargil - Dras sector and the National Capital New Delhi.
[26/07 10:56] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The Prime minister of India pays homage to the great heroes at Amar Jawan at India Gate every year.
[26/07 10:59] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The Government of India responded to the attacks with Operation Vijay, a mobilization of 200, 000 Indian troops. Finally war came to an end on July 26, 1999,  thus making it the Vijay Diwas.
[26/07 11:00] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 527 soldiers from Indian Armed Forces sacrificed their lives during the war.
[26/07 11:01] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The war took place between May and July 1999.
[26/07 11:10] Hp anusha. durga: "Sweet is the memory of distant friends !! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun. It falls tenderly yet sadly on our hearts" The sweet memories we have created shall live inside of us despite our differences. We have all made friends there but most of all we made a mentor , one who cries when you cry , one who rejoices when you laugh and one who is proud of your achievements and what we have become and going to be is thanks to him. This LIFE MENTOR is none other than Dr TPS. We all thank you for the sweet memorable events that you have bestowed upon us. We thank you for the great friends we have made and most of all for the wonderful behaviour you have endowed upon us. Thank you guru ji for your time and efforts that you have spent on us.
--Sarang and Saurabh
[26/07 11:10] Hp anusha. durga: Great to see a new beginning for kids in this journey called the guidance of the great master.👍👍👍
[26/07 11:11] Hp anusha. durga: Sir, Really overwhelmed to see them enjoying nature and the way you train them on each day as your own grand children.. We really don't know how to thank you...
[26/07 11:12] Hp anusha. durga: The GCC Second camp is going to end today, these are some of the responses of parents..
[26/07 11:19] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: A number of India soldiers earned awards for gallantry.
□ Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav  - 18 Grenadiers , Param Vir Chakra
□ Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey - 1/11 Gorkha Rifles,  Param Vir Chakra,  Posthumous
□ Captain Vikram Batra - 13 JAK rifles,  Param Vir Chakra , Posthumous
□ Rifleman Sanjay Kumar - 13 JAK rifles , Param Vir Chakra
□ Captain Anuj Nayyar - 17 JAT regiments,  Maha Vir Chakra , Posthumous
□ Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari - 18 Grenadiers , Maha Vir Chakra Posthumous
□ Major Mariappan Saravanam - 1 Bihar , Vir Chakra , Posthumous
□ Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja , Indian Air Force , Vir Chakra,  Posthumous
□ Havildar Chuni Lal - 8 JAK LI, Vir Chakra. Also awarded Sena Medal for gallantry and posthumously awarded Ashoka Chakra as a Naib Subedar.
Two Pakistani soldiers received the Nishan - e - Haider , Pakistan ' s highest military gallantry award.
□Captain Kamal Sher Khan , 27th Singh Regiment , Nishan - e - Haider,  Posthumous
□Havaldaar Lalak Jan,  Northern Light Infantry , Nishan- e - Haider , Posthumous.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[26/07 11:33] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: No doubt. Each one of the camp will be leaving with a resolution to change their life by the influence of the loving efforts by our Guruji.
[26/07 12:30] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👏👏👏👏👏navyashree
Ur  picture is sooooo cute.
Congrats dear.
[26/07 13:01] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Navya sree molu great👍👍
[26/07 13:06] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: All those kids r lucky n blessed enough who got the presence of our beloved guruji ...please do apply his advices in ur day to day lifes n live happily ...
[26/07 16:41] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[26/07 19:41] Aparna - most welcome..
To this group - abode of learning / share / care and love
[26/07 19:41] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Welcome Aparna 💐🙏💐🙏
[26/07 19:42] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: Thank you achacha 😄
[26/07 19:53] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  
[26/07 19:53] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: Sorry
[26/07 19:57] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813  -    Renuka                 Haai   Aparna   Welcome  my  family,        💐💐💐   👏👏👏
[26/07 19:59] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: H  r  u    REshmakuty,
[26/07 19:59] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Fine mam.. What abt u ?
[26/07 20:00] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: I'm  fine   moloo
[26/07 20:00] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: 😊😊😄
[26/07 20:01] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 🌹🌹🌹
[26/07 20:18] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏    aa  kudumbathinte   kaalpaadangale   onnu   namaskarichotte  ?
[26/07 21:42] Dias. knr. sreelakshmi. mo: Welcome Aparna to this wonderful family 💐💐💐
[26/07 21:45] Hp anusha. durga: Welcome Aparna 👏👏
[26/07 21:48] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: Welcome to EKALAVYAAS
[26/07 22:45] Hp anusha. durga: Vocab Corner:
hush puppies - lightweight casual shoes made of soft suede or leather.
Now, I know why Bata named it premium footwear brand as hush puppies..
[26/07 23:19] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: Thank you everyone 😊
[27/07 00:17] Hp anusha. durga: Highest grossing movies in the world..
Rank - 1 Avatar $2,787,965,087 released in 2009
Rank - 2 Titanic $2,186,772,302 Relased in1997
Rank - 3 Jurassic World $1,541,503,000 Released in 2015
Rank - 4 The Avengers $1,519,557,910 Released in 2012
Rank - 5 Furious 7 $1,511,726,205 Released in 2015
[27/07 00:48] JNC. aamod. ved. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank u Roy for sharing the telephone numbers.
[27/07 01:05] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Jerica joy 👍
Welcome aparna  ☺
[27/07 07:31] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -  Renuka                   Goodmorning  SIr  and   my  friends.
[27/07 09:03] H. hp. krishna. priya?: "If power ensures security, they should be unguarded. But only the simple enjoys sound sleep. This is the play of life."
Good Morning. Have a wonderful day.
[27/07 09:10] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Highest-grossing films adjusted for inflation
Rank Title Worldwide gross (2014 $)
1 Gone with the Wind $3,440,000,000
2 Avatar $3,020,000,000
3 Star Wars $2,825,000,000
4 Titanic T$2,516,000,00
[27/07 09:43] On road to irinjalakuda
[27/07 09:44] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: Hope the children enjoyed the camp
[27/07 09:44] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: Neil Armstrong, he is the 1st person to set his foot in moon.
But, do you know who was supposed to be the 1st person?  Many don't know...
His name is Edwin C Aldarin...
He was the pilot for the Apollo mission. He was working for the American Airforce. Moreover he had experience of space walking, hence selected as the pilot.
Neil Armstrong worked for the American Navy. He was selected for his courage as co-pilot.
When the Apollo mission landed on moon, they received a command from NASA, "pilot first".
But Aldarin was hesitant, "what will happen", "will I get sucked in or will I burn out", etc. The hesitation was not for hours, but few seconds.
In the meantime, NASA sent the next command, "co-pilot next".
Within next second, Neil Armstrong put his foot on the moon & became part of world history.
World history was changed in 1 second... Though Aldarin had the qualification and talent, because of hesitation, he is not recognised by many people.
The world remembers only person who comes first...
This is a good example of how people lose out because of hesitation & fear. Whenever you see the moon, remember this, a moments hesitation can stop us from our greatest victory.
We all have great potential in us, the only thing that stops us from achieving what we are supposed to achieve is our hesitation, fear and shyness.
Many people are shy to ask, shy to appreciate others, & some are shy to share this message. If we fail to do the right things, we will most likely do the wrong things.
Hence share the good messages. Avoid hesitation. 😊
[27/07 09:49] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: Wow!
Amazing story... It has the potential to motivate anyone
[27/07 09:50] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: 👍
[27/07 09:53] Hp anusha. durga: 🙏🙏Namaskaram 🙏🙏
Greetings from Kottayam
Reached home safely 1 hour back. I am really thankful to guru ji for imparting his knowledge to me and the students at naduvil jnaanam
camp the moment I reached home I touched  the feet of my grandparents and mother I could see real happiness in their eyes.I hope everyone is all right and reached safely.Once again I thank guru ji for bringing about a change in my life.
                              -Aaron Anil
[27/07 15:18] Hp anusha. durga: #MyMovieReview:
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Director: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton
My Review:
This is a lighthearted movie, filled with humor. With a comedic edge, this film glues you to your seat with laughing gum. Coming to the plot, the Minions are on a search for the perfect boss/master, as it was always difficult for the Minions to hold on a Master even for a week. So, this is a humorous story of Minion's quest for a Master. The three main Minions- Kevin, Bob and Stuart set off on a journey to find their new master in 1968. Kevin is the smartest Minion, Stuart is the most ambitious and finally Bob is the cutest and the most clumsy. After reaching New York, they hear about Scarlet Overkill who is aiming to be the world's first female super villain and tries to meet her. What follows next is the hilarious journey of these Minions which makes a good plot. The sound track was just amazing and the applause goes to the cast and crew. If the child in you is still active, then don't wait, just grab a ticket and set on the hilarious Minions journey. These minions are majestic and will you the energy dose required. Yet, there are some minute mistakes in the movie, never mind, overall, it is a brilliant film to watch with friends or family.
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
[27/07 16:23] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: 😊
[27/07 16:23] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: Nice 👍
[27/07 19:13] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: DINANAGAR (Gurdaspur): The alertness and bravery of a bus driver saved several lives as terrorists launched an attack here in Punjab on Monday.
[27/07 19:26] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Today's News
1 ) Punjab terror attack: bus driver saved many lives
Gurdaspur: The alertness and bravery of a bus driver saved several lives as the terrorists launched an attack in Punjab .Punjab roadways driver Nanak Chand did not panic even when the terrorists fired at the bus and instead scared the terrorists by driving towards them.
[27/07 21:14] Hp anusha. durga: Former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam passed away following sudden illness in Shilong. He collapsed during a speech in Shillong.
[27/07 21:14] H. Anoosha. aec. dance: One of the greatest personalities of India APJ Abdul kalam....a lot to learn from him....humble to the core....we are fortunate that he is an Indian.  Deep condolences to every Indian
[27/07 21:31] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: We lost a Great man
[27/07 22:08] Knr-ashwathi. IPS. Dance. s. anjitha. u. uday: Our 11th president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam has passed away....
He was born on 15 October 1931 in Rameshwaram, Tamil nadu....
He was a scientist in ISRO..
He was know n as the 'missile man'
His death was due to sudden  heart attack while he was taking a seminar at Shillong.....
India had lost a great man....
[27/07 22:36] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: Great loss for India!
[27/07 22:46] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: -
👉Here are some of Kalam’s inspirational sayings through which he will be remembered forever…
# “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”
# “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”
# “My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people.”
# “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.”
# “Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.”
# “Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.”
# “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.”
# “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.”
# “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”
# “You see, God helps only people who work hard. That principle is very clear.”
[27/07 22:53] Doha. bps. mini. mo. neha: Former President APJ Abdul Kalam has passed away in Shillong, The Quint has been able to confirm. He collapsed while delivering a lecture at IIM-Shillong.
Dr John Sailo, CEO, Bethany Hospital, Shillong confirmed to The Quint over the phone that Dr Kalam was brought dead to the hospital.
Speaking to The Quint, David Sailo, Managing Director of Bethany Hospital said he was brought to the hospital at 7pm without a pulse or any other sign of life, and that efforts were made to revive him. At 7:45 pm, Dr Kalam was declared dead, he said. When asked what the cause of death was he said, “As for the cause of death, difficult to say, but it may have been a cardiac event.”
[28/07 05:24] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: " What is birthday? It the only day when ur mom laughed when u cried"
[28/07 09:51] Hp anusha. durga: If you want to shine like a sun, then burn like a sun.. said Kalam once and also followed throughout.. And now, that sun has set forever..
[28/07 11:18] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: "Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy ;but to help you realise your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you;too;are difficult"
[28/07 11:36] JnC. e. aparna. viswanathan: New phrase : in a jiffy
Informal way to say in a very short time.
Jiffy refers to the amount of time one takes to blink.
Eg: Take your computer to Job. He will fix it in a Jiffy.
[28/07 11:39] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: A nice read.. By one of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalaam's students...
Dear all,
What I will be remembered for.. my memory of the last day with the great Kalam sir...
It has been eight hours since we last talked – sleep eludes me and memories keep flushing down, sometimes as tears. Our day, 27th July, began at 12 noon, when we took our seats in the flight to Guhawati. Dr. Kalam was 1A and I was IC. He was wearing a dark colored “Kalam suit”, and I started off complimenting, “Nice color!” Little did I know this was going to be the last color I will see on him.
Long, 2.5 hours of flying in the monsoon weather. I hate turbulence, and he had mastered over them. Whenever he would see me go cold in shaking plane, he would just pull down the window pane and saw, “Now you don’t see any fear!”.
That was followed by another 2.5 hours of car drive to IIM Shillong. For these two legged trip of five hours we talked, discussed and debated. These were amongsthundreds of the long flights and longer drives we have been together over the last six years.
As each of them, this was as special too. Three incidents/discussions in particular will be “lasting memories of our last trip”.
First, Dr. Kalam was absolutely worried about the attacks in Punjab. The loss of innocent lives left him filledwith sorrow. The topic of lecture at IIM Shillong was Creating a Livable Planet Earth. He related the incident to the topic and said, “it seems the man made forces are as big a threat to the livability of earth as pollution”. We discussed on how, if this trend of violence, pollution and reckless human action continues we will forced to leave earth. “Thirty years, at this rate, maybe”, he said. “You guys must do something about it… it is going to be your future world”
Our second discussion was more national. For the past two days, Dr. Kalam was worried that time and again Parliament, the supreme institution of democracy, was dysfunctional. He said, “I have seen two different governments in my tenure. I have seen more after that. This disruption just keeps happening. It is not right. I really need to find out a way to ensure that the parliament works on developmental politics.” He then asked me to prepare a surprise assignment question for the students at IIM Shillong, which he would give them only at the end of the lecture. He wanted to them to suggest three innovative ways to make the Parliament more productive and vibrant. Then, after a while he returned on it. “But how can ask them to give solutions if I don’t have any myself”. For the next one hour, we thwarted options after options, who come up with his recommendation over the issue. We wanted to include this discussion in our upcoming book, Advantage India.
Third, was an experience from the beauty of his humility. We were in a convoy of 6-7 cars. Dr. Kalam and I were in the second car. Ahead us was an open gypsy with three soldiers in it. Two of them were sitting on either side and one lean guy was standing atop, holding his gun. One hour into the road journey, Dr. Kalam said, “Why is he standing? He will get tired. This is like punishment. Can you ask a wireless message to given that he may sit?” I had to convince him, he has been probably instructed to keep standing for better security. He did not relent. We tried radio messaging, that did not work. For the next 1.5 hours of the journey, he reminded me thrice to see if I can hand signal him to sit down. Finally, realizing there is little we can do – he told me, “I want to meet him and thank him”. Later, when we landed in IIM Shillong, I went inquiring through security people and got hold of the standing guy. I took him inside and Dr. Kalam greeted him. He shook his hand, said thank you buddy. “Are you tired? Would you like something to eat? I am sorry you had to stand so long because of me”. The young lean guard, draped in black cloth, was surprised at the treatment. He lost words, just said, “Sir, aapkeliye to 6 ghantebhikhaderahenge”.
After this, we went to the lecture hall. He did not want to be late for the lecture. “Students should never be made to wait”, he always said. I quickly set up his mike, briefed on final lecture and took position on the computers. As I pinned his mike, he smiled and said, “Funny guy! Are you doing well?” ‘Funny guy’, when said by Kalam could mean a variety of things, depending on the tone and your own assessment. It could mean, you have done well, you have messed up something, you should listen to him or just that you have been plain naïve or he was just being jovial. Over six years I had learnt to interpret Funny Guy like the back of my palm. This time it was the last case.
“Funny guy! Are you doing well?” he said. I smiled back, “Yes”. Those were the last words he said. Two minutes into the speech, sitting behind him, I heard a long pause after completing one sentence. I looked at him, he fell down.
We picked him up. As the doctor rushed, we tried whatever we could. I will never forget the look in his three-quarter closed eyes and I held his head with one hand and tried reviving with whatever I could. His hands clenched, curled onto my finger. There was stillness on his face and those wise eyes were motionlessly radiating wisdom. He never said a word. He did not show pain, only purpose was visible.
In five minutes we were in the nearest hospital. In another few minutes the they indicated the missile man had flown away, forever. I touched his feet, one last time. Adieu old friend! Grand mentor! See you in my thoughts and meet in the next birth.
As turned back, a closet of thoughts opened.
Often he would ask me, “You are young, decide what will like to be remembered for?” I kept thinking of new impressive answers, till one day I gave up and resorted to tit-for-tat. I asked him back, “First you tell me, what will you like to be remembered for? President, Scientist, Writer, Missile man, India 2020, Target 3 billion…. What?” I thought I had made the question easier by giving options, but he sprang on me a surprise. “Teacher”, he said.
Then something he said two weeks back when we were discussing about his missile time friends. He said, “Children need to take care of their parents. It is sad that sometimes this is not happening”. He paused and said, “Two things. Elders must also do. Never leave wealth at your deathbed – that leaves a fighting family. Second, one is blessed is one can die working, standing tall without any long drawn ailing. Goodbyes should be short, really short”.
Today, I look back – he took the final journey, teaching, what he always wanted to be remembered doing. And, till his final moment he was standing, working and lecturing. He left us, as a great teacher, standing tall. He leaves the world with nothing accumulated in his account but loads of wishes and love of people. He was a successful, even in his end.
Will miss all the lunches and dinners we had together, will miss all the times you surprised me with your humility and startled me with your curiosity, will miss the lessons of life you taught in action and words, will miss our struggles to race to make into flights, our trips, our long debates. You gave me dreams, you showed me dreams need to be impossible, for anything else is a compromise to my own ability. The man is gone, the mission lives on. Long live Kalam.
Your indebted student,
Srijan Pal Singh
[28/07 12:46] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                 Thank  u   Abhi ,  U  give   more  info.  
[28/07 13:09] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
[28/07 13:10] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: മുൻ രാഷ്‌ട്രപതി അബ്ദുൽ കാലം തൻറെ ഫെയ്സ് ബുക്ക്‌ പേജിൽ എഴുതിയ ഹൃദയസ്പർശിയായ കുറച്ചു വരികൾ .......................................................................................................................എന്റെ കുട്ടിക്കാലത്ത് എല്ലാവരെയും പോലെ ഞങ്ങളുടെ അമ്മ തന്നെയായിരുന്നു ഞങ്ങൾക്ക് ഭക്ഷണം പാകം ചെയ്തിരുന്നത്. വളരെ കഠിനമായി ജോലി ചെയ്തിരുന്ന ഒരു ദിവസം അത്താഴത്തിനു അമ്മ ഞങ്ങൾക്ക് വേണ്ടി റൊട്ടി യുണ്ടാക്കി.സബ്ജിയുടെ കൂടെ അച്ഛന്റെയും എന്റെയും മുന്നിലെ പാത്രത്തിലേക്ക് വെച്ച റൊട്ടി പൂർണമായും കരിഞ്ഞിട്ടുണ്ടായിരുന്നു. അച്ഛൻ അത് ശ്രദ്ധിക്കുമെന്ന് കരുതിയെങ്കിലും അദ്ദേഹം ഒന്നും മിണ്ടാതെ അത് കഴിക്കുകയും എന്നോട് സ്കൂളിലെ വിവരങ്ങൾ തിരക്കുകയും മാത്രം ചെയ്തു. കുറച്ചു കഴിഞ്ഞു റൊട്ടി കരിഞ്ഞു പോയതിൽ അമ്മ അച്ഛനോട ക്ഷമ ചോദിക്കുന്നത് കേട്ടു ഞാൻ. അതിനെനിക്ക് കരിഞ്ഞ റൊട്ടി ഒരുപാട് ഇഷ്ടമാണല്ലോ എന്ന അച്ഛന്റെ മറുപടി ഇന്നുമെനിക്ക് മറക്കാൻ കഴിയുന്നില്ല. രാത്രി വൈകീട്ട് വല്ലാത്ത സ്നേഹത്തോടെ അച്ഛനെ ചുംബിക്കാൻ വേണ്ടി ഞാൻ അച്ഛന്റെ അടുത്ത് ചെന്നു. ശരിക്കും അച്ഛന് കരിഞ്ഞ റൊട്ടി ഇഷ്ടമായിരുന്നോയെന്നു ചോദിച്ചപ്പോൾ അച്ഛൻ പറഞ്ഞു നിന്റെ അമ്മയിന്നു പകൽ മുഴുവൻ ജോലി ചെയ്യുകയായിരുന്നു. അവൾ വളരെ ക്ഷീണിതയാണ്. ഒരു കരിഞ്ഞ റൊട്ടി ഒരാളെയും അധികം വിഷമിപ്പിക്കില്ല എന്നാൽ കടുത്ത വാക്ക് മറ്റുള്ളവരെ വിഷമിപ്പിക്കുകയും ചെയ്യും. ജീവിതം എന്നത് അപൂർണരായ ആളുകളും അപൂർണമായ കാര്യങ്ങളും നിറഞ്ഞതാണ്‌. ഞാനും വളരെ മികച്ചു നിൽക്കുന്നവനൊ എല്ലാ കാര്യങ്ങളും അറിയുന്നവനുമോ അല്ല. വാർഷികങ്ങളും ജന്മ ദിനങ്ങളും മറന്നു പോവുന്നു. ഇത്രയും കാലത്തെ ജീവിതത്തിൽ നിന്നും ഞാൻ പഠിച്ചത് എല്ലാവരെയും അവരുടെ കുറ്റങ്ങൾ അറിഞ്ഞു തന്നെ ഉൾകൊള്ളാനും ബന്ധങ്ങൾ ആഘോഷിക്കാനുമാണ്. നിന്നെ പരിഗണി ക്കുന്നവരോട് നന്നായി മാത്രം പെരുമാറുക. പ്രിയപ്പെട്ടവരോട് എന്നും ദയാലുവായിരിക്കുക......
[28/07 14:20] To record
[28/07 14:20] Good talk
[28/07 14:20] Will be aired after 1pm news UAE time
[28/07 14:20] In Keralam  Vilikkunnu pgm
[28/07 14:20] Prameela will call you now
[28/07 18:22] Hp anusha. durga: Chachu please, could u translate it into English please..
[28/07 18:23] Hp anusha. durga: I heard it completely, was able to understand partially..
[28/07 18:23] No new information... all rhat i had shared with you many times..
[28/07 18:23] Hp anusha. durga: It would help, if u could translate
[28/07 18:24] Hp anusha. durga: 😣😣
[28/07 18:25] Shared the event when he came to science congress
And how he could take the help of isro people for drdo .. shown as a good hr
Great administrator
[28/07 18:26] Hp anusha. durga: Ok
[28/07 18:27] Hp anusha. durga: Fine, I have forwarded it to all my Malayalee friends in Infy, gonna catch them for complete translation..
[28/07 18:54] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Sorry. By mistake
[28/07 18:55] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: Now it's viral in this group👍
[28/07 18:55] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: Actually it's an informative talk
[28/07 18:56] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: If you need I will send the original track....@DrTPS
[28/07 19:02] Love to have it rameshji
[28/07 19:28] JN. DXB. payyanur. ramesh. AsiaNetRadio: Sure
[28/07 19:38] Hp anusha. durga: Thank u so much for this translation Chachu.. Thank u Ramesh sir for this interview which also helped people like me to get a good insight of Kalam's life..
[28/07 19:48] Hp anusha. durga: Awesome interview and appropiate questions and answers which were crisp and up to the context.. Thanks for sharing many anecdotes from Kalam's life which we might have missed otherwise.. Thanks for throwing the light on the simplicity of the People's President and which also answers y he got this name.. Thanks for sharing his nature and how he responded to audience, which re-iterates what u hav taught us, always have questions as questions serve as the quest for knowledge.. Through the answer for the question on contravorsies, u have explained us about his boldness, quoting few of the incidents where he expressed it.. Through the answer to the steps to be taken by govt to implement Kalam's vision, u have lucidly explained his vision and also ur vision of how u wish the govt should take it forward.. U quoted Madhavan Nair saying, he too shares the similar vision and I know how much u too share the same.. Students/Youth of this generation requires a mentor like u people to wake us up and make us chase our dream. Feeling fortunate for becoming one of your students.. Thank u for this superb interview, I enjoyed it thoroughly, with so much of knowledge added to my knowledgebase.. 🙏🙏
[28/07 20:39] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: Sheeja, nice to c the information of Great Kalaam
[28/07 20:40] UaE ajman. sabitha: Learnt so much about respected Dr.Kalam fm ths group today. Thankyou all
[28/07 22:04] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
● Telangana announces holiday; Andhra to work extra hour .
The Telangana government on Tuesday declared a holiday as a mark of respect to former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,  who passed away on Monday.
The Andhra Pradesh government has requested all the government offices and educational institutions to work an hour extra as a mark of respect for the departed soul.
● Rich tributes paid to Missile Man from his ' theatre of action'
As the nation is mourning demise of former President Bharat Ratna A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,  the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Odisha's Chandipur,  his 'theatre of action' , plunged into profound shock remembering his association and contribution.
- Bhubaneswar
■ South Korea says MERS threat is over
South Korea said Tuesday it is now virtually free if the deadly MERS virus that killed 36 people and sickened nearly 200 since an outbreak was declared in May.
- Seoul
♤ Archery : Indian women qualify for Rio Games,  in final
The Indian women's team,  comprising Deepika Kumari,  Rimil Buriuly and Laxmirani Majhi,  qualified for the Rio Games next year by winning three quota places at the world archery championship at Copenhagen in Denmark.
Science and Technology
♢ Smell guides mosquitos to see a human host
Mosquitos use smell, visual and thermal cues that are both sequentially triggered and act independently to locate a human host .The smell of carbon dioxide exhaled by human acts as a trigger and influences the attractiveness if the visual object that are as far away as 15 metres in the case of humans. Once close to a human host, the presence or absence of carbon dioxide becomes irrelevant as they are then guided by body warmth,  volatiles emmited by the skin and humidity to land at a feeding site.
New word - bigoted - unreasonably prejudiced and intolerant.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[28/07 23:22] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Respected kalam sir u always live in our heart..
Thanks to all for the knowledge
[29/07 07:00] Chennai. abhishiktha. co. durga: Good morning ⛅
[29/07 07:12] Greetings
[29/07 07:12] DrTPS
is at / on
July 30 : Thrissur - BvB Doha Teachers Training
August 7 :: Parassini HSS
August 8 :: UGC teachers at JNAANAM
August 8 :: eve at Payyanur
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7 days Shiksha CAMP at JNAANAM
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[29/07 07:35] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: 👏👏👍👍
[29/07 07:35] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Today is International Tiger Day
[29/07 07:36] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: The International Tiger day ( Global Tiger Day) is observed annually on 29th July to raise the awareness of Tiger conservation.
[29/07 07:38] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Tigers may be one among the most admirable animals.. But now they are vulnerable to extinction.
[29/07 07:48] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: T
[29/07 08:12] Kayamkulam ardra. mother: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam  Awards and honours
2014------->Doctor of Science
2012------->Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa)
2011------->IEEE Honorary Membership
2010------->Doctor of Engineering
2009------->Honorary Doctorate
2009------->Hoover Medal
2009------->International von Kármán Wings Award
2008------->Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa)
2007------->King Charles II Medal
2007------->Honorary Doctorate of Science
2000------->Ramanujan Award
1998------->Veer Savarkar Award
1997------->Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration
1997------->Bharat Ratna
1994------->Distinguished Fellow
1990------->Padma Vibhushan
1981------->Padma Bhushan
Once during an interview when asked , Dr Kalam said he would like to die while teaching his students !! And the Same happened today  !! Noble heart 🙏
2 mins of silence tomorrow @ 10:00 AM all over India. Please pass on the message to everyone. #RIP
[29/07 08:45] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Today's News brief
Abdul Kalam's body being taken to Rameswaram
New Delhi -India's former president Dr APJ Abdul kalam's mortal remains are being taken to his hometown   Rameswaram from Delhi Kalam's body was taken in a convoy to palam airport on wednesday morning
[29/07 08:56] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: At average 28.5 yrs, Bengaluru has youngest entrepreneurs in world
[29/07 08:56] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: BENGALURU: The city has the youngest startup ecosystem in the world, with the average founder's age at 28.5 years,according to a survey of the top 20 global startup ecosystems. In Silicon Valley, the world's largest startup hub, the average age is eight years older than in Bengaluru at 36.2 years.
Kuala Lumpur comes closest to Bengaluru, at 30.5 years, followed by Sao Paulo, 31.7 years, and Berlin, 31.8%. Sydney has the highest average age among startup founders, at 40.3 years, according to The Startup Ecosystem report by San Francisco-based Compass, a research firm that provides global benchmarking tools.
[29/07 09:44] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: Thank you sir..
[29/07 11:17] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -  Renuka                   Haai   Resmi ,   Welcome  my  family.          👏👏👏         🌹🌹🌹
[29/07 11:40] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: Thank you mam
[29/07 11:45] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  w   r  u    d  ........  Resmi
[29/07 14:19] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: Am from Thane Maharashtra
[29/07 14:32] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  Ok   dear,
[29/07 16:58] Jnaanam onam camp
[29/07 17:54] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Great 😊👍👏
[29/07 22:53] Hp anusha. durga: MALAK for KALAM (malacca)
The speaker teacher fell on stage
What a great death, kalam sir left us
Endless parade for the past supreme Quotes painted face flew endless on FB
Laughing children took his soul in heart
Drafted a line to share grief in his style
Kalam hair style with spikes down
Smile to all; cloudy gaze, down face
Passion speaker interacted informal
All had pleasure on his lucid talk
Had always somethimg innovated
Was swift in speech as was he walked
Grimmed in laugh on small and big
Chained all in one; art, science, music,
Space, pokran underground, Assembly, president's abode, home in rameswar
Such a president never known before
Who made a garden love as a child
Only he knew the pleasure with kids
Shared views in UN as to his students
Educating was in blood, loved being
Not as scientist-president-speaker
But just as a teacher entangling kids
As student watched in quest to learn
India taught the world as how and what
Scientist is to president as he is
Introduced Indian muslim vegetarian Playing veena and quoting Sanskrit
He left behind many lines of dreams
Visions and many visionaries to carry
Left no place unvisited, untiring travel
Lifted up morale of all - now a dream
[29/07 22:55] Hp anusha. durga: What a wonderful poetry, feeling lucky to having get the opportunity to read it first.. Clear, Crisp and
Simple style..
[29/07 22:55] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: Really.. A real inspiration for  us..
[29/07 22:56] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: Grinned in laugh on small and big..
[29/07 22:56] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: This is causing more pain
[29/07 22:57] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: Pain of missing a leader
[29/07 22:57] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: Teacher
[29/07 22:57] Hp anusha. durga: Hmm yeah
[29/07 22:57] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: But as chachu said
[29/07 22:58] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: He left behind visions for us
[29/07 23:02] Hp anusha. durga: These are the most beautiful lines..
Educating was in blood, loved being
Not as scientist-president-speaker
But just as a teacher entangling kids
As student watched in quest to learn
[29/07 23:02] My Malak to KALAM, the Malak
[29/07 23:03] Hp anusha. durga: 🙏🙏🙏🙏
[29/07 23:04] Hp anusha. durga: A creative title
[29/07 23:09] H. hp. krishna. priya?: 👏👏👏👏🙏
[29/07 23:22] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Hi,
Today's news brief
●Sanjeev Chaturvedi,  Anshu Gupta win Ramon Magsaysay Award
Whistleblokwer bureaucrat  Sanjeev Chaturvedi and human rights activist Anshu Gupta are among five persons from India,  Laos,  Myanmar and the Philippines who will receive Asia's coveted Ramon Magsaysay Award.
●  Bangladesh upholds opposition leader's death sentence
Bangladesh ' s Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for an influential opposition leader and an aide to a former Prime minister for his role in mass killing during the country's independence war against Pakistan in 1971.
- Dhaka
● BCCI refuses to revoke ban on cricketers
The BCCI on Wednesday made it very clear that it was not having second thoughts on revoking the ban on former India pacer S.Sreeshant and spinner Ankeet Chavan in the wake of a Delhi Court dropping all charges against them in the IPL 2013 spot - fixing case.
New word - bawl- speak or call out noisily.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[29/07 23:23] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Sorry Chachi and everyone , I could not post more news. Too tired after a long trip to Abudhabi.
[30/07 00:02] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -  Renuka                   Yes   Sir,                                                         🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹   KALAM  SIR🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹  My   MALAK  🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
[30/07 00:24] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: His soul will Of course attain salvation. He was such a down- to- earth person like my Chachiiiiii.
[30/07 00:29] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: The real Guru  is an inspiration for all.
Thank God for giving such a
Guruji to us .
[30/07 11:55] Hp anusha. durga: RIP
Possible -- A new expansion by Chachu
[30/07 12:18] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏
[30/07 12:24] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: 👍
[30/07 14:38] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                   🙏🙏🙏
[30/07 17:25] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: October 15... Students Day
[30/07 18:43] Doha. bps. saju. vargheese: I strongly condemn the picture posted above defaming the great leader of India and first Prime Minister. If you want to praise Kalam this is not the way to do it.
[30/07 18:58] Doha. joy. antony. full. family: This is a knowledge sharing place with our kids,please do understand
Joy Antony E
[30/07 19:18] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Watch "150713 19 JN Camp" on YouTube -
[30/07 19:37] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Should not post pictures like these.....both are our leaders.....
[30/07 20:28] Hp anusha. durga: Colorful
[30/07 20:29] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Graceful also
[30/07 20:29] Hp anusha. durga: 😊😊
[30/07 20:30] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 😘😘
[30/07 21:19] Hp anusha. durga: 👏👏👏
[30/07 21:23] H. hp. krishna. priya?: 👏👏👏👍👍👍
[30/07 21:41] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: 👍👍
[30/07 21:58] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: Jarvik-7
*The first artificial heart is Jarvik-7
*Jarvik-7was developed by Robert K Jarvik
*The first artificial heart to be successfully implanted in human- Jarvik-7(1982)
*Jarvik-7 was implanted in patient named Barnie Clarke
[30/07 22:51] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1933, Gandhiji informed the Government of Bombay of his decision to march from Ahmedabad to Kolkata with 33 followers to revive Civil Disobedience movement.
[30/07 22:52] Hp anusha. durga: The tricky part here is, I dint understand y he had to inform Govt of Bombay
[30/07 22:56] Hp anusha. durga: Baghdad, the capital of Iraq was founded by caliph Al-Mansur on this date in 762 AD.
[30/07 23:02] Hp anusha. durga: Like, Indian Parliament or Bharatiya Sansad is a bicameral national legislature of India, the Knesset is the unicameral national legislature of Israel.
[30/07 23:07] Hp anusha. durga: I am sorry to differ, he did not speak at IIM Shillong..
[30/07 23:07] Hp anusha. durga: the photograph and this audio is jus a rumour which is in circulation
[30/07 23:08] Hp anusha. durga: He couldnt even finish one sentence, before that itself he collapsed
[30/07 23:12] Cool... it is just a speach. ..
[30/07 23:16] Hp anusha. durga: Yup I heard it, it was given in a Univ..
[30/07 23:47] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Hi,
Today's news brief
● Jawan killed as Oak violates ceasefire in Poonch
An army Jawan was killed in sniper attack by Pakistan troops who targeted forward posts in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir in violence if ceasefire.
- Jammu
● Thousands bid adieu to former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam
Thousands of people from various walks of life bid a tearful final adieu to the mortal remains if former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam after last rites and prayers at his ancestral home and a brief stop - over for "janaza prayer" at the nearby mosque.
- Rameshwaram
■ Malaysian PM says Indian Ocean plane debris being sent to France
Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak said that plane debris washed up on Reunion island in the Indian Ocean was "very likely " from a Boeing 777,  and would be shipped to French authorities in Toulouse to verify if it came for Flight MH370.
- Kuala Lumpur
■ China building telescope with dish size of 30 football fields.
Supercomputer Skyeye - 1 , capable of a quadrillion computing operations per second,  will support space exploration by the world's largest radio telescope whose dish size will be equivalent to 30 football fields.
- Beijing
°Saina confident of fitness for world championship
Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal is confident of recovering from her shoulder pain and regain full fitness before the prestigious World Badminton Championship that gets underway in Jakarta,  Indonesia on August 10.
- New Delhi
Science and Technology
♢ Microsoft launches Windows 10
Microsoft will start rolling out its new operating system Windows 10 around the world , including India,  with a host of new features as the long - time leader in PC software tries to lure back consumers who gave up on Windows for mobile .
India,  a critical market for Microsoft,  will be among the 13 countries where the technology giant will host mega events.
New word - barter - exchange (goods or services) without using money.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[31/07 01:48] Doha. bps. mini. mo. neha: I agree..the last speech was on creating a livable planet earth..
[31/07 08:12] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813     -   Renuka                Goodmorning    Sir,    and    my  dear   friends
[31/07 08:42] Greetings
[31/07 08:42] ഓരോ വിത്തിലുംഒരായിരം വസന്തങ്ങൾ ഒളിച്ചിരിപ്പുണ്ട്.
[31/07 09:06] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: Wish u a very good morning and Happy Gurupurnima to all the teachers.
[31/07 09:16] Hp anusha. durga: Guru Purnima, a day to be garteful to the person from whom we have learnt..
Dhyaana Muulam Gurur Muurtih
Puujaa Muulam Gurur Padam
Mantra Muulam Gurur Vaakyam
Mokssa Muulam Gurur Krupaa..
As one walks with Guru he/she walks to the light of existence, away from the shadows or darkness of the ignorance and walk in the path of bliss with the confidence to conquer the world..
Thank u Chachu for  guiding me throughout.
[31/07 09:17] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
[31/07 09:18] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏🌺गुरूःब्रम्हा गुरूःविष्णु गुरूःदेवो महेश्वरा गुरूःसाक्षात परःब्रम्ह तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः🌺🙏
[31/07 09:21] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏🙏🙏Sir. Thank you Sir for guiding us from the shadows of ignorance to the light of knowledge. 🙏🙏🙏
[31/07 09:26] Hp anusha. durga: Chachu, u r the one who inculcated the spirit of learning in me and I am Thankful to you always for that. I am grateful to you for showering the knowledge on me.. None of these words are enough to Thank u.. 🙏🙏
[31/07 09:28] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: U r absolutely correct molu.
[31/07 09:37] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: My best friend, philosopher, guide and Guru. Thank you soooo much for your love, care and guidance. Love you soooo much Chachi. Thank you soooo much.
[31/07 09:37] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏🌺गुरूःब्रम्हा गुरूःविष्णु गुरूःदेवो महेश्वरा गुरूःसाक्षात परःब्रम्ह तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः🌺🙏
[31/07 09:37] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Thank you Chachi.
[31/07 09:37] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 🙏🙏🙏🙏
[31/07 09:42] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Guru is not the one who teaches his student  in the dark about the beauty of Sunlight...  He is the one who takes one to sun and see around ... The one who drives people ti light from Dark ..
The best Guru I've seen is Drtps sir only.. None is equal to u guru ji..
[31/07 09:42] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Thank you Sir. Prayers ....Thank you for making our holidays very special in our lives. Back to Abu dhabi today. Cheers friends. Ann and Phil
[31/07 09:43] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: 👍👍
[31/07 09:44] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: 👍
[31/07 09:45] എല്ലാ അറിവുകൾക്കും അപ്പുറത്താണ് ഹൃദയം.
[31/07 09:46] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: U r the only person whom I've met with the best manas n the best buddhi
[31/07 09:51] Im jayaram kanzal from bhavans public school doha. Its my pleasure to have this session. Thanks
[31/07 10:35] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Resh 👍
[31/07 11:17] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: My great guru my inspiration
It is my fortune  that I found u even though  little late
I believe that when one finds true guru one conquers half the world...
My gratitude n love towards dr tp sasikumar sir will always remain ..
[31/07 17:20] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Awesome...
[31/07 17:27] H. hp. thatta. anusha. s. Dr. anuradha: Thank you so much chachu for your blessings and guidence.😄🙏
[31/07 17:45] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813  -   Renuka                   Sir,    very  nice,    🌹🌹🌹       👏👏👏
[31/07 18:21] KALAM had given Malak to many Heart
Being in Earth Kalam be a Malak in many Heart
[31/07 18:22] Malak means (art-work and also Angel)
[31/07 18:22] Heart = H (Eart) = Eart(H)
[31/07 18:22] Earth
[31/07 21:30] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
● Dial 138 for medical emergency on train.
Train passengers can contact helpline number 138 through their mobile phones in case of medical emergency,  Rajya Sabha was told. All passenger trains are provided with first aid boxes containing essential drugs and dressing materials .
- New Delhi
● Two of four kidnapped Indian teachers in Libya freed.
Two of the four Indians who were detained in Libya in July 29th have been released. Officials said they were not in durst negotiations with the captors of the four men,  but that the University of Sirte, that had employed them was speaking to then.
- New Delhi
● Avoid travel to Yemen,  India tells Nationals
India asked its nationals to refrain from traveling to Yemen in view of the ongoing conflict and fragile security situation here. In a travel advisory issued here, the External Affairs Minister said the security situations in Yemen continues to be fragile and the United Nations has raised the humanitarian crisis level of the country to the highest rung.
- New Delhi
□ Pakistan to release 164 Indian fishermen on Aug 3
Pakistan will be releasing 164 Indian fishermen on August 3 , a decision taken at the highest level there in pursuant to the Ufa Joint Statement.
* Beijing awarded 2022 Winter Olympics
Beijing was chosen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to host the 2022 Winter Olympics on Friday,  becoming the first city to be awarded both summer and winter Games.
* Ashwin presented with Arjuna Award
India off - spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was in Friday presented with the prestigious Arjuna Award , which was conferred on him last year , by the sports Minister Sarbananda Sonowal here.
- New Delhi
New word - beano - a celebration
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[31/07 22:35] Watch "150720 26 JN Camp" on YouTube -
[31/07 22:49] Hi sir,
I'm Meenakshi Sunil of class 10th from the Sulthan bathery centre.
Hope you are doing well sir.How is your classes going on?
I have recently read your work Life Made Simple.I got it from my mathematics teacher Dhanesh sir who is a keen reader.Honestly,I enjoyed reading it and also could learn a lot from it.It also helped in answering and creating many questions in my mind.I also think the book built some confidence in myself.
After reading this I was also curious to read your other book Life Is Love and I'm in search of that.
The positives I felt in your book is that they really inspire the young minds and also written in a very simple language so that all kind of people can understand it.Normally I'm a person who doesn't read such books but this one really changed my attitude and approach towards spiritual or motivational books.So overall I have loved the book......
Myself and other students of The Greenhills Public School are awaiting for the next Destination IAS workshop in the school.We hope that it will happen soon.
Thanking You,
Meenakshi Sunil
[31/07 22:51] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: 👏👏👏👏👏
[31/07 23:03] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: We have inspired 5 _7of our children!family members to join any session if avilable in uae
[01/08 06:23] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                  Goodmorning  Sir   and  my  friends.
[01/08 07:16] Greetings
is at / on
August 6 :: Naduvil -  Karuvinchal public function on KALAM
August 7 :: Parassini HSS
August 8 :: UGC teachers at JNAANAM
August 8 :: eve at Payyanur (for pravasi)
AUGUST :: 10-16
NRI-GCC Students
7 days Shiksha CAMP at JNAANAM (9th will report and may pickup on 15th)
August 16 :: Payyannur Sauhruda Vedi Education Meet
August 23-26 :: JNAANAM ONAM CAMP - youth / graduates / professionals
October 14-20 :: Bahrain
October 16-18 :: Bahrain Kairalee  Samajam
[01/08 07:18] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: 👍👍
[01/08 07:19] Thank you roy-ann-mary family ..
I will be with you at abu-dhabi whenever you desire so.
Shall decide the date ..
Must have the facility to have the get together for the learner's group.
[01/08 07:20] Glad on this inotiative and looping more kids and families.
[01/08 07:20] Initiative
[01/08 10:14] Doha. joy. antony. full. family: [13:36, 31/07/2015] Vahid: Govt. Engineering college sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad going to start B.Tech.EEE in this academic year. As it is a new branch there is no centralized allotment. Only spot admission. So if anyone wish to do B.Tech.EEE Kindly inform them. It is very easy to get admission. No of seats=60........fwd msge Jus fwded..
[01/08 10:46] Quick Facts
ALSO LISTED IN Presidents, Political Leaders, Scientists
FAMOUS AS Former President of India, Scientist
NATIONALITY Indian    Famous Indian Men
BORN ON 15 October 1931 AD    Famous 15th October Birthdays
ZODIAC SIGN Libra    Libra Men
BORN IN Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
DIED ON 27 July 2015 AD
PLACE OF DEATH Shillong, Meghalaya, India
FATHER Jainulabudeen
MOTHER Ashiamma
AWARDS Bharat Ratna (1997)
Padma Vibhushan (1990)
Padma Bhushan (1981)
More Awards
Cite This
Little did Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma know that their son would grow up to be the first citizen of India. An Indian scientist and administrator, Kalam served as the 11th President of India from 2002 until 2007. One amongst the most respected people of the country, Kalam contributed immensely both as a scientist and as a president. His contribution at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was immense. He was responsible for numerous projects such as Project Devil and Project Valiant and launch of the Rohini-1, besides developing missiles under the missions Agni and Prithvi. For the same, he was popularly tagged as the “Missile Man of India”. Kalam was honored with great laurels and awards for his work by both the Government of India and other countries. After completing his term as President, Kalam served as a visiting professor in various esteemed institutes and universities of India.
Childhood & Early Life
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was born to Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma on October 15, 1931. He came from a family whose financial conditions weren’t sound enough. As a means to support his family’s meagre income, Kalam took up odd jobs in his childhood but never gave up on his education.  EDIT
He graduated from Saint Joseph's College, Tiruchirappalli in 1954 but not satisfied with his degree, he left for Madras later next year to study aerospace engineering. He enrolled at the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT). EDIT
After graduating from MIT, Kalam took up the position of chief scientist at the Aeronautical Development Establishment of Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). However, the profile didn’t appeal Kalam much who shifted to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) where he was the project director of India's first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle. EDIT
His years at the ISRO were the most crucial ones, as they left a lasting impact on him. Kalam lead many projects and turned out to be successful each time. EDIT
In the 1970s, Kalam directed two projects, namely, Project Devil and Project Valiant, which sought to develop ballistic missiles from the technology of the successful SLV programme. EDIT
A milestone was achieved when locally built Rohini-1 was launched into space, using the SLV rocket. Upon watching the raving success of Kalam, the government agreed for initiation of an advanced missile program under his directorship. He played a pivotal role in developing missiles under the missions Agni and Prithvi.  EDIT
Kalam was the Chief Executive of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (I.G.M.D.P) which researched in simultaneous development of a quiver of missiles instead of taking planned missiles one by one. EDIT
From 1992 until 1999, Kalam was appointed as the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Defence Research and Development Organisation. It was during this time that Kalam served as the Chief Project Coordinator for Pokhran II nuclear tests, after which he was fondly called the “Missile Man of India”.  EDIT
Kalam succeeded K. R. Narayan to serve as the 11th President of India from 2002 until 2007. It was a highly one-sided contest. With his appointment, Kalam became the first scientist and first ever bachelor to occupy the Rastrapati Bhawan.  EDIT
During his tenure as a President, Kalam was both appreciated and criticised. The latter was mostly due to his inaction in deciding the fate of 20 mercy petitioners.  EDIT
In addition to all the profiles that Dr Kalam held, he authored numerous influential and inspirational books. Amongst all his books, “India 2020” was the widely read and appreciated one. It forecast an action plan which advocated India turning into a knowledge superpower and as one of the developed nations of the world by the year 2020. His other books include, “Ignited Minds”, “Mission India”, “Inspiring Thoughts” and “The Luminous Sparks”.  EDIT
In 2011, he launched his mission for the youth of the nation called the “What Can I Give Movement” with the main aim to defeat corruption in India. EDIT
After completing his term as President, Dr Kalam served as visiting professor in various esteemed institutes and universities of India, such as Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and Indore. He also served as Chancellor of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram, Aerospace Engineering at Anna University (Chennai), JSS University (Mysore). EDIT
Awards & Achievements
Kalam was the proud recipient of Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna awards from the Government of India. He received the same in the years 1981, 1990 and 1997, respectively. EDIT
In 1997, he was honored by the Government of India with the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration.  EDIT
Later, the next year, he was awarded the Veer Savarkar Award by the Government of India. EDIT
The Alwars Research Centre, Chennai, bestowed Kalam with Ramanujan Award in the year 2000. EDIT
Kalam was honored with the King Charles II Medal by the Royal Society, U.K in 2007. EDIT
The California Institute of Technology, U.S.A, presented Kalam with the International von Karman Wings Award in the year 2009. The same year, he won the Hoover Medal by ASME Foundation, USA. EDIT
The IEEE honored Kalam with IEEE Honorary Membership in 2011.  EDIT
Kalam was the proud recipient of honorary doctorates from 40 universities.  EDIT
In addition to this, Kalam's 79th birthday was recognised as World Students' Day by United Nations.  EDIT
He was nominated for the MTV Youth Icon of the Year award in 2003 and in 2006. EDIT
Personal Life
Dr A.P.J. Kalam remained unmarried throughout his life. EDIT
Dr Abdul Kalam passed away at Bethany Hospital, Shillong, Meghalaya, due to heart failure after having collapsed during a lecture at Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.
[01/08 11:06] Namasthe sir,
           I am extremely sorry for this late night message on this important day of "Guru Poornima". I was and still not fully aware of the important of this day, but whether or not i know the importance of this day, neglecting to acknowledge your role in my life is my foolishness, so i thought of expressing my gratitude to you before this day ends.
           You are the Teacher who inspired me most to aim high. Whatever little initial success i got is because of your inspiring words and important scoldings. Because of you, i still think of achieving big, getting more responsibility(so that i can contribute to the society to a greater extent but not for money and fame). My intentions were uplifted to sky high when i attended SHIKSHA summer programme, but my actions were not matching. The day you scolded me was the day when i actually realized that i was just day dreaming but not putting efforts.
            I always regret for not knowing the ways to thank you, and not contributing towards your selfless acts spreading a little. Whether i do that or not, one thing i assure you is that i will achieve a bigger responsibility and make you smile by serving this country honestly.
               Love you sir, Thank you for being my GURU.
[01/08 11:46] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1916, Mrs. Annie Besant in cooperation with Bal Gangadhar Tilak started the Home Rule League Movement with Dadabhai Naoroji as its President.
[01/08 11:50] Hp anusha. durga: On this date in 1920, Bipin Chandra Pal opposed to the Non Co-operation Movement and retired from politics, but movement was approved by Congress.
[01/08 11:52] Hp anusha. durga: In 1920, this date, under the leadership of Gandhiji, the non-cooperation movement was launched against Lord Chelmsford. ""Firmness in truth,"" was his strategy of noncooperation and non-violence against India's Christian British rulers. Later, he resolved to wear only 'dhoti' to preserve homespun cotton and simplicity, followed with grassroots agitation. This began with renunciation of honorary titles like 'Sir' given by the British. Thereafter, it was followed by the boycott of legislatures, elections and other Government works. Foreign clothes were burnt and Khadi became a symbol of freedom. The movement was a great success despite firing and arrests. By the end of 1921, all important national leaders, except Gandhi, were in jail, along with 3000 others. However, in February 1922, at Chaurichaura, Uttar Pradesh, violence erupted and Gandhi called off the movement.
[01/08 11:52] Hp anusha. durga: Gandhiji addresses letter to Viceroy surrendering ""Kaisar-E-Hind"" Medal, ""Zulu War"" Medal and ""Boer War"" Medal and launched the All India Non-Violent Non-Coperation
[01/08 22:11] Doha. joy. antony. full. family: Congratulations Dr
[01/08 22:13] Hp anusha. durga: What is this?
[01/08 22:17] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Congrats...
[01/08 23:06] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -   Renuka                 Congratulation    Sir.    
[01/08 23:08] Nishaaghandhi pooththallo
[01/08 23:09] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Wow!😃
[01/08 23:09] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: SreeRamajayam,,,,,,,,, SreeRamajayam,,,,,,SreeRamajayam,   🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
[01/08 23:15] Jn. f. resmi. pillai: Congratulations Sir
[01/08 23:29] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Today's news brief
Heart transported to hospital 20km away in 16 minutes
NEW DELHI: In a coordinated effort by hospitals and Delhi Traffic Police, a heart harvested from a 57-year-old brain dead patient was transported from Karol Bagh to Saket, a distance of about 20km, in a record 16 minutes for transplantation.
Heavy rains in Myanmar cause more flooding; 9 dead
YANGON (Myanmar): Officials say heavy rains in Myanmar have caused more flooding and left nine people dead, devastating several townships and forcing more than 18,000 people into   temporary shelters.
Chinese go ecstatic dancing over Krishna kirtans
BEIJING: In a rare event, over 200 sang kritans and danced to the tune of 'Hare Krishna' in Beijing on Saturday. The event, which would have been impossible to imagine in Communist China until recently, is a sign the government is ready to extend its liberal approach from yoga to Indian meditation forms.
Today read about
Chandragupta Maurya
Gautama Buddha
New Word
Ecstatic -feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
[02/08 07:59] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 971  55  57  55  813   -    Renuka                 Goodmorning   Sir  and  my dear  friends.
[02/08 08:08] Hp anusha. durga: Happy Friendship day guys
[02/08 08:09] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Happy Friendship day to all here 👍👍 "If Friendship is ur weakest point, then u r the strongest person "
[02/08 08:20] ‪+91 81216 81918‬: Happy friendship day guys 😃
[02/08 08:21] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: 👬👭👬👭👬👭👬👭👋
[02/08 08:50] H. hp. krishna. priya?: Happy friendship day 😃 guys
[02/08 11:04] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
Happy friendship day to all my friends including my dear sir
[02/08 11:15] Alapy. surya. teacher. georgia. maths: Pictures of Currencies
5 Rupee - Tractor,                  Plough
10 Rupee- Animals(Tiger,Rhinoceros,Elephant)
20 Rupee - Kovalam Beach
50 Rupee- Indian Parliament
100 Rupee- Himalaya/Hirakud
500 Rupee - Dandi March
1000 Rupee - Scientific Progress of India
[02/08 11:29] Hp anusha. durga: In 1858, on this date, British parliament passed the act to handover the administration of India to British crown from East India Company. After the occasion, the Supreme British ruler in India was called as 'Viceroy'
[02/08 11:31] I NEED SOMEONE

To learn, earn and attain fame
I deserted all
My home and all its affection
Every one so prized to me;
Earned, learned and achieved distinction
The mornings were bright
The days sunny and bright
The evenings gloomy
And the nights too chilly
I sat all alone
Wishing that some one
Would keep me company
And share my happiness in success!
My success was short lived
The happiness too,
Glittering memories faded
And retreated into nothingness;
Distinction adorned me no more
The mornings were bright
The days sunny and bright
The evenings gloomy
And the nights too chilly
Once again
I wished that someone
Would keep me company
And share my grief in failure!

I need someone
To keep me company
And be with me forever
In happiness and in sadness too!
---------- 080720 -----------
[02/08 11:48] Hp anusha. durga: U arrange the words, like beads, into a beautiful necklace like poetry
[02/08 12:04] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: True Chechiiiiii.
[02/08 12:05] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: soo beautiful
[02/08 14:02] Hp anusha. durga: LIFE - you left me ?
LIFE, I love you, I know
you love me too
You were hot when I got you
Now, I stay cold coward without you
My dear I strived to make you good
I cared you with opinions of all
You in me was interwoven
Shown your existance in me
I took no strange move
I flew like a river - grew like a tree
Made no noice on you
No complaints on you
I kept you safe unleft
Now why you left me cold ?
I stay all lost in dark emptiness
I see the fake smile covered in grief
When people spoke on me and you
I know they dont know how we were
The bondage and how we seperated
They blamed me not caring you
They spoke of your style spoiling me
They are ignorant on our bondage
All around saw us different
As I was with you I missed seeing
Same you as one inside me too
I wish I know the truth on you fully
Now I lock you in my heart
I wish I had you inseperable
[02/08 14:12] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Awesome lines...
[02/08 15:37] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: July 2015 Current Affairs
●  The World Health Organisation had announced that Cuba has become the first country to eliminate the transmission of HIV from mother to baby.
● USA women lifted their third FIFA Women's Wc title by defeating Japan in the finals.
● PM Modi has appointed IIT - JEE topper Kruti Tiwari as the brand ambassador of Digital India.
● Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder chairman of an anti poverty organisation named BRAC has won the 2015 World Food Prize . He is from Bangladesh.
● ISRO has successfully launched PSLV C- 28 rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sreeharikotta. This is the heaviest commercial mission for PSLV.
● Serena Williams won the 2015 Wimbledon Title. She is the oldest woman to win a grand slam.
● Novak Djokovic won the Wimbledon 2015 mens singles title by defeating Roger Federer in the finals.
● Sania Mirza -- Martina Hinges pair clinched the Wimbledon women's doubles title.
● Officials from BRICS nations have launched the New Development Bank, also known as the BRICS Bank in Shanghai.
● US and Cuba restored full diplomatic ties after more than 50 years by reopening embassies in each other's capitals.
● UNESCO announced that Conakry will be 5he World Book capital for 2017. UNESCO bestows this title to a city in recognition of the quality of its programs to promote books and reading .
● Former President, APJ Abdul Kalam passed away after he collapsed during a lecture in IIM, Shillong.
[02/08 15:44] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: Conakry
- Capital and largest city of Guinea
- Conakry is the economic, financial and cultural centre of Guinea.
- The city's economy revolves around the port.
- This place has a tropical monsoon climate
[02/08 15:49] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: There is a perfect square which has 4 digits. First 2 digit and last 2 digit are also a perfect sqaure. Whats the number?
[02/08 15:56] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: 1681??
[02/08 16:03] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: Rehma kutty u r absolutelycorrect
[02/08 16:04] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano: It's in my Mathematics guide
[02/08 16:04] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: If BAT = 23, BAll = 27. Then what is GAME?
[02/08 16:22] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Cricket
[02/08 16:23] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: Ha ha ha. U naughty.
[02/08 16:23] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: Correct???
[02/08 16:24] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: No no. Ur humor sense is too good.
[02/08 16:30] JNM-DXB. shyamala. raj. nair. pvt. meet: 😜
[02/08 17:01] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: 26
[02/08 18:28] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: Yes it is.
[02/08 18:29] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: I have one doubt . Which is the first day of the week. ?
[02/08 18:29] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: Is it sunday or monday?
[02/08 18:29] Hp anusha. durga: Sunday
[02/08 18:29] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: Till now I thought sunday.
[02/08 18:33] Hp anusha. durga: Sunday marks the first day of a week
[02/08 18:33] Hp anusha. durga: U could google it too
[02/08 18:34] Hp anusha. durga: Even the wiki says Sunday
[02/08 18:34] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: In the text its written the week begins on monday. I checked in google. There also 2  answers getting
[02/08 18:37] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: What I have to share to my students.
[02/08 18:39] Hp anusha. durga: Could read abt Gregorian calendar
[02/08 18:40] Hp anusha. durga: its History etc
[02/08 18:41] Hp anusha. durga: According to them Sundays are considered as first days of week
[02/08 18:42] Hp anusha. durga: there is a book on its history
[02/08 18:42] Hp anusha. durga: and evolution
[02/08 18:46] Alapy. matha. jincy. jose: Ok. Agreed . Let me take the printouts. I have to take the permission from Head of the department. Otherwise day after tomorrow parents will come.
[02/08 20:15] Dias. alapy. reshma. ano:
[02/08 20:21] Teachers must teach what is in the book in the classroom
[02/08 20:22] Text book that is prescribed
[02/08 20:22] Additional information can be fed according to age.
[02/08 20:48] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: 👍
[02/08 20:50] JND. SHJ. mini. subhash. sreelakshmi: Good evening
Today's news brief
● FTII students take protest to Delhi
Intensifying their 52 -day - old stir for removal of BJP member Gajendra Chouhan as FTII chairman, nearly 80 agitating students on Sunday lest for Delhi to hold a protest on Monday. The students have been protesting against Mr. Chauhan 's appointment since June 12.
- Pune
● Exchange between India - Bangladesh enclaves
National Flag unfurled to loud cheers
As the National Flag was  hoisted at Poatarkuti             ( Cooch Behar, a Bangladeshi enclave till a day ago,  a loud cheer erupted from the new citizens of India. Shedding a stateless existence for 68 years in the enclave,  hundreds if people joined in the singing of the National Anthem. "From today , this who have opted to stay here have become Indian citizens", District Magistrate of Cooch Behar P. Ulaganathan told the gathering.
● Malaysia says plane debris found on Reunion island part of Boeing 777
Malaysia said that the plane debris that washed up on the Indian Ocean island Reunion has been identified as being from the a Boeing 777, the same model as Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which vanished early last year.
- Kuala Lumpur
■ MCA lifts van in Shah Rukh Khan
The Mumbai Cricket Association ( MCA) on Sunday decided to lift the entry ban in actor Shah Rukh Khan. The actor was banned for five years from entering the MCA premises.
- Mumbai
New word - Belie- give a false notion of.
By Sreelekshmi from Sharjah ☆
[03/08 00:18] JNB. ann. mary. 9. roy. auh: Today's news brief
Terror alert: Police arm Hyderabad IT corridor
HYDERABAD: In view of the recent spate of alerts - post Gurdaspur terror attack and hanging of the 1993 Mumbai blast convict Yakub Memon -- sent by the Centre, the Cyberabad police have decided to arm corporates in the i